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This was a life very well lived: Viola Smith, ‘Fastest Girl Drummer in the World,’ Dies at 107. I loved this part: “Musing on her longevity, Ms. Smith said, “Maybe it’s the drums that have kept me spry, or the wine, or going to the casino.””[NYT]

At NPR: How The Navajo Nation Helped Flip Arizona For Democrats

I’m happy about this: Wonder Woman gives up, will drop on HBO Max [Lainey]

Vulture reports: The Stories Behind The Undoing’s Very, Very Fancy Homes

Also, at Vanity Fair: Fake Treehouse, Real Memories: Life Inside the Home Alone House

Also at Lainey, this whole story is wild to me. Scooter Braun seems like the worst: Taylor Pays Off For Scooter

Amazing, at the NYT: What Did Europe Smell Like Centuries Ago? Historians Set Out to Recreate Lost Scents

At Esquire: The Oral History of CNN’s Election Week

Related: Election Night with Biden’s Data Guru [NY Mag]

Over at Socialite Life, news you can use: Chris Evans breaks out his iconic Knives Out sweater for a playdate with Aly Raisman and her puppy. (Are Aly and Chris Evans dating? GOOD FOR BOTH OF THEM.) (Also it’s not actually the Knives Out sweater but it’s adjacent.)

Vulture brings us: Get Ready for the Weirdest Oscars Season Ever. Awards season is traditionally a profoundly exhausting time for me (literally, not emotionally) and it’s going to be so weird without the usual red carpets. I’m going to miss them! (Not having proper awards season is also going to financially ruinous for so many folks in LA — caterers and hair stylists and drivers and bartenders and the people who make the literal carpets. Nothing to be done about it, but it’s gonna be bad.)

This is great, at the NYT: Academy Museum Gives Debbie Reynolds Her Due as a Costume Conservator

Important question: How Do We Feel About The Dunkin’ Fashion Line?. I’m absolutely fine with it and also why isn’t Ben Affleck doing sponcon for this yet? [Pajiba]

At NPR: Let’s Talk About That Reconciliation During The ‘Fresh Prince Reunion Special’

Very important! At Bustle: Ranking The Golden Age Of President’s Daughter Movies

I already forgot about this breakup and it only happened this past weekend: Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis ‘had issues & they were never going to get married’ [Celebitchy]

Super interesting: The Wild, Obsessive World of Mary-Kate and Ashley Instagram Fan Accounts [Garage]