I know a lot of people’s Podcast Diets have shrunk dramatically now that they are working from home and don’t have a commute; as a long-time Work From Homer, I personally use podcasts as a bribe to myself to do chores (and sometimes listen to them in the shower). It’s much more fun to fold laundry while listening to, say, my friend Amy’s podcast recapping Caroline in the City than it is folding laundry while silently staring at a blank wall and thinking about the fate of the polar bears or something. And I thought it might be fun to trade podcast recommendations the way we sometimes trade book ones. Namely, are you looking for a specific kind of podcast? For example, say you’re in the mood for something about true crime but which isn’t about murder, and you’ve already listened to Last Seen. Just post your request in the comments — and be as specific as possible, to get better recommendations. Do you know a podcast that fits the criteria? Please share it! (As always, for this post, please ONLY give recommendations in response to specific requests. Please hold your freeform recs for a future post.  Thank you!)