Runway vs. Reality: Diane Kruger


We figured Diane Kruger would waltz out in one of Chanel’s spring/summer 2013 looks, but I didn’t predict it would be this one.

It is, perhaps more predictably, bereft of the ball-bearing wreaths that adorned the model’s various elongated bits. In fact, she’s gone very simple with the shoes and accessories. But I don’t think I like it sitting so low on her chest that it squishes it. “Melons” is just supposed to be a tacky slang term. You don’t actually have to squeeze them to prove they’re ripe.

Which one do you like better?

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Comments (51):

  1. Anna

    Love Diane, but this is not good.

  2. Art Eclectic

    I didn’t realize that bathroom tile was a fashion statement.

  3. amys

    Needs hoisting.
    Accessories/styling look a bit last minute. Gorgeous skin.

  4. qwertygirl

    It looks like a really fancy bath towel. On both of them.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    NO. This is a shapeless mess. It looks like she rolled in grout and wrapped her bathroom floor around herself. I wish there was something to look at–shoes or jewelry or something…although her face is a great accessory. Pacey did good.

  6. Christian

    I don’t like either. Too boxy.

  7. Stefanie

    You know how at Home Depot they have the tile squares that come in 12×12 sheets? Yeah, the same tile sheets were used to make this dress that I used in my bathroom.

    Ill pass.

  8. pantsonfire

    It’s actually kind of great on the model. It just is terrible on Kruger. I honestly did not think I would see the day when Kruger could not rock an outfit. Lesson learned: Anything is possible.

  9. Sophie

    Does her face not say it all? Underwhelmed … And yes, amys, a good hoick up would improve it.

  10. Sue

    Diana’s looks like it was made from duct tape.

  11. Sabrina

    None of the dresses from that collection were made for anyone with any kind of boobs. They just aren’t cut for anyone above a size zero with a chest. It’s a gorgeous dress, just not while anyone is wearing it. If La Kruger can’t pull it off, no one can.

  12. jerkygirl

    The dress is a shapeless bag, although the pattern and fabric are interesting. Give it a hoist, some semblance of a waist, and some accessories and I’m on board.

    • Krusticle

      Yes, it’s a bag, my thoughts exactly, Jerkygirl. All it needs is burlap fabric.

    • Vandalfan

      I heartily concur. There’s something salvageable in the bag /sheet of tiles / roll down blind she’s got on. Hoik it up, add a belt, Bob’s your uncle.

  13. Kayley

    Saw a different shot of her in this, and it makes her look big where I know she isn’t. Not the least bit flattering.

  14. nikole

    If it were floor length and a full fledged gown i would love it

    • sara l

      Oh, love the idea of the floor length gown. Otherwise, I like the pattern but not the shape and hate how it’s sitting on her.

  15. Chrissy

    What I liked about the runway version WAS the ball jewelry. Diane is a stick, and yet this makes her look thick in the middle because there is no definition to the shape of the dress. I guess it had to be made like a box since looks to be made out of tile. Like a Project Runway challege at Home Depot.

  16. Issie

    Huge miss for me. It’s a shapeless sack that does nothing for figure and even she looks like she knows it.

  17. Olivia

    Not only is it not flattering to the melons, as you put it, but it makes her look stumpy. She is so pretty, and I think she can pull off so many outfits that most of us can’t, but this is a no.

  18. ok

    It’s a sequined sack.

  19. Sarie

    “Like” being a relative term, I “like” the runway version better because it fits better in the chest region and, strangely, because of the necklace/bracelets. But I don’t really like either of them. It looks like she is wearing tile. Literally a bathroom backslash. It has just as much movement.

  20. kelly

    Miss! It looks like a tiled towel she wrapped around after her shower.

  21. Jamie

    If your dress doesn’t flatter a runway model OR Diane effing Kruger, you’re doing it wrong.

  22. Sandra

    It would look a helluva lot better if it fit her properly. And while the ball-bearings weren’t great, this dress needs some kind of something between the top of it and her chin.

  23. luxsword

    It will always look better on flesh than on bones. Kruger rocks !

  24. Shiitake

    It looks like she’s wearing a sack made of kitchen tile.

  25. Bottle Ginger

    Only the tallest, skinniest models can wear a CYLINDER DRESS. Diane is short and has hourglass porportions, and the dress has taken her on an unexpected trip to Stumpytown.

  26. la di da

    It looks like it was made from the material they use to line swimming pools. Not a good look, unless you’re trying to go incognito at a pool party or something.

  27. Agent Sculder

    I will echo FugNation in saying that the main problem with this dress is that it has no shape. I take that back, it has a shape, and it’s a pillow case. Diae Kruger has a kick ass bod, and you can barely tell the woman has a waist in this. I think a belt or, you know, actual TAILORING would make a huge difference here.

  28. Lily1214

    Is she wearing black leather shoes with this?

  29. dee cee

    Narrow glass bathroom tiles that frame the sink vanity..? Seriously..

  30. ccm800

    looks like both a bath towel and bath tiles.

  31. Anna

    This basically kills all her curves. Gorgeous woman, awful dress.

  32. Guerra

    I love diane!! But it looks better on the model.. I think you need to be super tall & skinny to wear this or else you look stumpy

  33. Kerina Pharr

    this looks like it came out of the hardware store challenge on Project Runway.”It only took three different types of electrical tape!”

    • Jen

      Or two kinds of electrical tape, and duct tape!

      I’m generally 50/50 on liking/hating what she wears, but I’ve never seen anything actually make her look dumpy and stumpy before. This is awful. I’d say hike it up a bit at the top and put a belt in the middle, but I can’t imagine whatever the heck that’s made out of would belt well.

  34. Sajorina

    I think she looks FABULOUS!

  35. Lion

    Cute handbag.

  36. gryt

    You really need to be built like a runway model to wear that, i.e be over 6′ tall.

  37. heather

    The fabric is pretty, but that’s a really unflattering box of a dress, both on Diane and on the runway.

  38. katkin74

    When your clothing makes Diane Kruger look shapeless, you need to go back to the drawing board.

  39. Lisbeth

    Yep, bathroom tiles here too. You gotta wonder if Karl likes women at all.

  40. Mary Urech Stallings

    Could someone please bring back hosiery!!!!!!?????

    Not all legs should go bareback.