This is simple, but good.

With the updo making her hair look all short and girly, it’s giving me Tracy Flick flashbacks. In a good way (of all the leads in that movie, she’s the one to whom time has been the kindest). I also love that she set off the black with colorful earrings, and went with an interesting neckline; the whole ensemble is about as flattering as a lady could want, especially given that she actually looks hotter and sleeker in it than some of the non-pregnant ladies in attendance. But my question is, why the change from the runway version? True, if she’d kept the awesome hit of pink (or is that red, which just looks pink from the lighting?), she’d probably have had to revise her earring plan. But I liked the way the color looks there, with the second strap on the other side of her neck. Far be it from me to question Ms. Flick, lest she tear down my life’s metaphorical campaign posters, but I can’t help wondering if I’d be swooning more if she’d stuck with the original.

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