This almost never happens: One of the dresses we flagged from Fashion Week as red-carpet bait did indeed already pop up on the big stage. In this case, it’s a Monique Lhuillier; the runway version was in red, with different detailing, a changed neck, and more tulle. Lily Collins opted for this variation:

There is a really hacky joke here about Mirror, Mirror, and which one is the fairest of them all. But I think Billy Crystal is already mentally writing it back there. Me, I think she looks like a Ming vase. And suddenly I’m craving a slice of blueberry pie. Eaten at a vineyard. In the cold. I’m not even sure there actually IS more detail here than on the runway version; it’s as if it’s the exact same amount, but just pulled down and stretched thin to cover everything, like high-fashion caul fat. So the tulle is less distracting, but trade is that the rest of it is a Rorschach splatter.

Which do you like better?

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  • Reality (26%, 2,404 Votes)
  • Neither (30%, 2,845 Votes)
  • Both! (9%, 835 Votes)

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