Kids’ Choice Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Kristen Stewart


In which K Stew gets Slime-Adjacent, then Self-Slimes.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. hfree

    I think anyone going to one of these things has to have a back-up outfit ready. It’s like going to a Gallagher gig back in the day, if you are anywhere in the first five rows you know you are going to get gunk on you.

    Anyway, fit issues aside, I’m just glad this thing isn’t sheer.

  2. steph527

    This is actually the first time I think she looks cute and age appropriate. Although fit could be better.

  3. Bella

    It’s not sheer, see-through, slip up the wazoo, etc. It’s good. Bonus – she’s smiling!!

    • Lizzy

      Ditto. It’s the KIDS Choice awards – which my 10 yr old watched – so I’m happy that she’s keepin’ it covered.

  4. maryse

    i would have preferred it with a more casual shoe. but i think she looks cute.

  5. Jacquilynne

    This is beyond hideous. The shorts aren’t even the problem. That top is graceless, shapeless and ill-fitting. Other than fabric choice, it looks a lot like a home sewing project I mangled when I was about 9 years old.

    • Helen

      It’s HORRIBLE. Really, just hideous.

      I am okay with the shorts. I do not mind those for daytime events. But that top is a crime against fabric, fashion, and a perfectly cute figure. GUILTY! Off with its head.

  6. Lauren

    Proof positive that a smile really IS your best accessory. She gets my adorable vote just for that.

  7. rachel

    her head looks great?

    • jean

      Her hair looks FANTASTIC. Washed, styled, adorable, good color. Oh yes, and a smile.

  8. e

    Her makeup looks good, the clothes are hideous, and NPH is my best friend in my imagination.

  9. Stefanie

    Um, well her head looks good.

  10. Chasmosaur

    Fit is horrible and I still don’t get the formal short thing, but that color is smashing on her, and it’s young, so appropriate for the Kid’s Choice Awards. And somehow, she’s working it. Maybe it’s because she’s smiling, and the braid with wisps is a better disheveled look for her than the unwashed side part.

  11. AM

    If the shorts (I’m ancient, I guess) were navy or black pants with some casual shoes, I would be SO onboard with this! As is, it’s okayish.

  12. Corrine Engelgau

    I don’t understand matching tops and bottoms, identical twin tops and bottoms. It’s very old lady-ish in my opinion. I probably think that because every time I go thrifting I always find an amazing skirt with a matching vest/shirt/blouse that looks like it was last worn to a church event/bake sale/singles night at the home. This little number K Stew is wearing looks like it was last worn to a favorite grand child’s recital by a grandma who is not even a little ashamed of her legs. If that’s what she was going for A+!

  13. Mjx

    I’m guessing that she deliberately picked something that would remain (relatively) comfortable and not be ruined/become see-through when she was slimed, so I think this is fine, under the circumstances.

  14. Cat

    Not a fan of the outfit overall, though it could be much worse (or sheer!) and the color is good and I think the shorts fit the event. She looks happy and the hair looks good so I can’t complain too much.

  15. Ellen

    I think it’s entirely appropriate that I chose “This is fine. Whatever”, given that that’s her attitude towards everything. Always.

  16. linda

    She looks much more appropriate than others I’ve seen from this event (I’m looking at Katy Perry). I would totally put up with the slime to hug NPH.

  17. Victoria

    I don’t hate it, but I do hate the points on the shoulders.

  18. Kristan

    You know what? I like it. And I like her. There, I said it.

    • pantsonfire

      Haha. I’m with you. I’m developing somewhat of a fondness for her, especially after I recently read a story about how she gamely posed with some fan while she was out at karaoke while Robert Pattinson was a grouch about it and wouldn’t do it until she called him an a-hole. She might be shy and awkward, but I get the sense that she’s a decent human being doing her best. Plus, (Fug Madness selections aside), I often like her natural style — it can be wonderfully grungy, edgy, sharp, and androgynous.

      This particular outfit got a thumbs up from both me and the fiance (surprisingly). Sure, it’s a little Romulan, and sure, maybe I would have preferred a tiny bit less boxiness, but it’s a great color on her and it’s super appropriate for the event. And she’s looking very game.

  19. Sami

    Please don’t give up the battle against formal shorts. They are horrible and should be stopped. Perhaps we could lobby congress?

  20. Mara

    Her hair looks amazing like this. I approve.

  21. Sarah

    This outfit is kinda meh. It looks kinda fun to wear? Comfy?

    I needed to comment, though, just so I can say how pro-K. Stew I am. I’m not a Twihard and I didn’t used to be her biggest fan. But ever since the AFFAIR (capital letters), I have felt this urge to defend her as a fellow woman. I think she was just so mature in her handling of it, and all the hate that was spewed at her was SO UNNECESSARY. YOU DON’T KNOW HER LIFE. Basically, every time I see her now, in my head (and sometimes out loud), I’m like “YOU GO GIRL!!!!!”

    Just had to let that out.

    • One of the Leahs

      Thanks for articulating this–pretty well sums up my feelings, as well.

    • Other Emily

      Exactly how I feel. I am and have always been pretty neutral about her as an actress, but the nastiness she caught for being HUMAN was too much for me, and now I defend her all the time. I think she looks cute here, too, and happy, so I give it a thumbs-up.

  22. Louise

    NPH + slime = Quentin Tarantino!

  23. Sajorina

    I loved this slideshow so much that I had to vote ADORABLE!

  24. Leah

    I just can’t get behind this at all. It looks like structured pajamas. The color is great on her, but that’s basically where it ends.

  25. Tiffany

    I really love the blue top/shorts combo. The color is beautiful and it is flattering. Fun and sassy without being trashy. The top could have been fitted better in the waist area, but not everything has to be skin tight. Very cute, IMO.

  26. Erin

    I think what won me over is how comfortable she looks. Not just in the clothes, but her whole demeanor. She’s smiling, she’s open, she looks like she’s having fun for once. Not sure if it’s the occasion or if she’s been slowly, slowly working out of her shell but I think she’s looks happy to be there, and the outfit works for her.

  27. Fumi

    So I think that she looks pretty good… I actually like the formal shorts thing, but Jessica I understand why you don’t. But one serious fashion question… When K-Stew and her ilk get slimed or messup an outfit really bad during a promo tour or some even their publicist makes them attend do they have to pay for the outfit?Or does the designer/stylist/PR company/network pay for the outfit? This always really bugged me.

  28. One of the Leahs

    I wouldn’t wear anything I cared about if I knew I was going to get slimed, either.

  29. Kyasarin

    Here’s the problem: Change the shorts into a skirt, and you’ve got a Mother of the Bride ensemble circa 1988. I cannot back this.

  30. exquisite red

    Eh, if I were wearing that & had a chance to hug a slimy NPH, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Excuse to change + Doogie Howser hug = WIN!

  31. esther

    hate the shorts because they look like they don’t fit properly. wish she would wear something longer. i think her legs are fine, but not THAT fine.

    i don’t mind the top, but think it would look better with a black skirt.

    the shoes are so boring! they look like business executive power heels.

  32. tigers4us

    Her hair is very pretty styled that way.