Fug Madness is underway! Make sure you’ve voted in these all important early rounds. Today, in case you missed them:

The Cher Bracket.

The Bjork Bracket.

The Charo Bracket.

The Madonna Bracket.

And while you’re waiting to see if your brackets are busted:

Bill Cosby is having a Cosby Sweater-Off to determine the best Cosby sweater on his own site. This pleases me. (Bill Cosby)

Sports Illustrated ranked all 68 schools in the tournament by their “coolest” alum. I HIGHLY DISAGREE with who they decided was the #1 coolest alum — I like him, but coolest overall? No — but I’m fine with their pick for my alma mater. (SI)

– And Cosmo — who else? — discusses the tournaments’ hottest players. (Cosmo)

Your Week In Cumberbatch. (Celebitchy)

–The FBI still hasn’t solved the greatest art heist in American history. (Gawker)

– Collectors Weekly takes a look at “the delightfully sinful history of canoes.” The pictures are awesome, and the story is great. A quote: “A Minneapolis Tribune story reported that ‘misconduct in canoes has become so grave and flagrant that it threatens to throw a shadow upon the lakes as recreation resorts and to bring shame upon the city.’” Canoe misconduct! (Collectors Weekly)

– Can we talk about how WEIRD it is that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn posed for photos to announce that they’re dating? (Lainey)

– Tina Fey was on Inside the Actors Studio and she was awesome and her favorite curse word is “shitballs.” (Vulture)

– The Awl took a very complete and amusing look at Alyssa Milano’s Japanese pop album. (The Awl)

– The Cut has this whole series where Rebecca Harrington tries crazy old school Hollywood diets. It is hilarious and terrifying, and this week, it involves Greta Garbo. (The Cut)

Some dudes in Turkey stole AN ENTIRE BRIDGE. Per the villagers from whom it was stolen, this is “a hassle.” (Time)