I don’t know why Thandie’s posture is so defeated. If I woke up and I looked like her, for one thing, I would essentially be doing cartwheels constantly and singing, “LOOK AT MY FAAAAAAACE.” (I would be beautiful but very irritating if I woke up and looked like Thandie Newton, apparently.)  Second of all, this dress is DEEPLY festive and requires that you bring some oomph along with it:

It’s like fireworks in dress form. I can’t figure out what the letters say, but maybe that explains it. Maybe they spell out the message, “the gleeful beading on this frock can not mask my inner pain. Fug Madness is stressing me out.” In which case, I feel you. But take a look in the mirror, Thandie. You are gorgeous and this dress is adorable. That can’t cure everything but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

[Photo: WENN]