Fugs and Pieces, May 4, 2012


First of all! Our new book, MESSY, comes out ONE MONTH from tomorrow, so pre-order it and find it on your doorstep whenever Amazon feels like shipping it, which will probably be anytime in the next three weeks, honestly. Second! Our first book, SPOILED, is now out in paperback, so you should ALSO pick that up. (It’s apparently now also on audiobook, which is neat. And also a little surreal because, obviously, the person whose voice reads it in my head is, well…me. The sample on Amazon includes the reader saying the word “crotch sweat,” just in case you needed to hear a well-modulated “crotch sweat” today.) Third! The Met Gala is Monday night, so next week should be FUN. We’re live-blogging it for The Cut. Finally:

– RIP, MCA. Here’s an amazing oral history of the Beastie Boys that New York did on the 25th anniversary of License to Ill. (New York)

– As you know, I love The New York Diet on Grubstreet and this one, by Ms Courtney Love, is a must-read. (Grubstreet)

– Fug Nation! You are going to love this, because I know how you feel about fonts. Let’s just say it’s like a matchmaking game for fonts. It’s called Type Connection. SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO BE OBSESSED. (Type Connection)

– Let’s look at the libraries of famous people. Not, like, the decor. The CONTENTS. (Flavorwire)

– I feel that all I need to do to seduce you into reading “The Top Ten Scariest Heirs and Heiresses” is mention that one of them occasionally goes by “Cobra McJingleballs.”  Which you’d think was awesome except he seems SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE.  Some of these people seem simply troubled, some of them are really cracked out, and a variety of them went out with Paris Hilton. (The Jane Dough)

– You may have already read this New Yorker piece about hate-watching Smash, but if you haven’t, and you hate-watch Smash –is anyone LOVE-watching Smash? No — you must. (The New Yorker)

– You want to read about Chloe Sevigny’s co-op. Not to go all Rachel Zoe on you, but I DIE for her entry-way wallpaper. (NY Mag)

– One of Lainey’s readers suggested — for GOSSIP and amusement — Eddie Cibrian play the Richard Burton role in the Lilo Liz Taylor movie and all I can say is YES. (Lainey Gossip)

– Now they’re trying to rebrand fig newtons as just NEWTONS? Is NOTHING SACRED? On the other hand, I now want to buy a box of them, just so that every time I take them out of the cupboard I can hiss, “NEWTONS,” a la Seinfeld. Okay, then, carry on. (Time)

– Kim and Kanye are ALLEGEDLY shopping for engagement rings. They are SO getting married. This is going to be such good gossip. I give them AT LEAST 75 days. (Celebitchy)

– I really enjoyed this interview (it’s video) with Rachel Dratch about her new book, her surprise baby (at 44!) and her career. I would also like to point out that her hair is really cute like this. (TresSugar)

– I don’t know if I could stand to fly on Hello Kitty airlines. OR COULD I? (Girls of a Certain Age)

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Comments (22):

  1. holypotatoes

    Honest to god, I thought Fig Newtons changed their name to Newtons ages ago. I think the other flavors are more popular than fig anyways so it makes sense.

  2. Sajorina

    Now, I’m obsessed with Chloe Sevigny’s NY apartment… It is weird, whimsical, interesting, eclectic & rustic, yet elegant! And, it explains so much about The Sev’s sartorial choices! I love it!

  3. Rayna




  4. Emilie

    You have gotten me totally addicted to The New York Diet! Seriously, I’ve just spent the past two hours reading it. And feeling bad about my crappy eating habits…

  5. understateddiva

    I want Kanye’s jacket.

  6. Christina

    Can you please add a note to warn that Rachel Dratch’s interview is a video, and AUTO-PLAYS?? It’s 7am, and I nearly just woke up the whole house.

    I also thought Newtons changed their name ages ago, like the late 80s. The commercials had a guy eating them in bed and the wife would say something about eating cookies in bed, and the person would say “But dear, Newtons are figs and cake”

    • Jessica

      I actually did say it was a video — sorry about the autoplay, though, I actually didn’t even notice that.

  7. leggygal

    Type Connection .. I really didn’t need to further feed my font obsession.. but thanks for the link.

  8. Mafe Salas

    I can’t preorder Messy for my Kindle yet :( But I WANT IT!!!

    • Jessica

      From where are you ordering? It’s only on Kindle in US, Canada, and I think New Zealand and Australia and Brazil. You can only get it on Kindle in countries where we’ve sold the book. The latter three might be releasing it later. I actually need to find that out…

  9. Petrova Fossil

    Just finished “Spoiled” and loved it! Totally charming. Nicely done.

  10. filmcricket

    Thanks for the link to the oral history of the Beasties. I’m absolutely devastated by his death, and not sure whether to hope he’s jamming with his heroes in heaven or that he achieved nirvana (the latter probably being his choice). Much love to Mike and Adam, and to Yauch’s family.

    • neiges

      Yes, thank you, that was really touching. I am also very sad and spent the whole week-end thinking about it now and then. He’s a budhist so he’s still amongst us for more two more days and then, headed to a new reincarnation; if I am not mistaken. He’ll come back as wind going through one of those incredible tibetan instruments!:-)

  11. Lilibet

    You got me with type connection. Addictive – informative – and simply beautiful.

  12. marie

    i want to live in that kitchen!

  13. A

    AHH audiobook. thanks so much.
    i only follow sara shepard on twitter to nag her to make more of the pretty little liars books in audio form.

    it’s much more discreet than reading the book and YA is the only genre that keeps me from thinking too much while i’m driving and listening. spoiled is great! 3/4 done since i bought it.

  14. Erin

    Love that hate-watching Glee is a real “thing”, not just the thing I do whenever all my good DVR shows have been watched.