Fugs and Pieces, May 11 2012


Happy Mother’s Day, to all you Moms out there! (Buy her the new paperback version of Spoiled!)

– Y’all want to look at these photobombs from the Met Ball. (Fashionista)

– I’m sure having an Instagram camera that prints out real photos is some kind of The Universe Is Folding In On Itself kind of deal, but I WANT IT. (Refinery29)

Jon Hamm answered questions from teen girls for Rookie (video). My question for Jon Hamm is, “would you be interested in being a fake intern for my web-site that makes fun of people’s outfits?!?!” (Rookie)

– A billionaire is launching Titanic II. A ship, not a movie. That seems like a GREAT IDEA! (Fodors)

– Speaking of, this piece about how the people at Mad Men managed to get that Beatles song into the most recent episode is interesting. (NY Times)

It seems people are being mean to Princess Charlene. Girlfriend has so many problems. (Daily Beast)

–  Lainey’s take on Kelly Preston’s role in this whole John Travolta thing is interesting (and, I think, accurate). (Lainey Gossip)

– I love books about prep schools, and hence I totally devoured this piece about real-life prep school scandals. (Flavorwire)

Britney is going to be the next X-Factor judge, y’all! Which means I am going to have to start watching The X-Factor, I guess. Interesting, I once recapped The X-Files. I hope this ends similarly. By which I mean, with all of us in the fetal position worried about the Mayans. (Time)

– I want you to read this thoughtful piece about melanoma  –and how an early diagnosis changed our friend Abby’s life — and then get your moles checked, you guys. (Marie Claire)

– All the least-informed tabloids think Jennifer Aniston might get back together with John Mayer, which is surely untrue, but also HILARIOUS. I AM SO SURE. I feel like even she had to laugh at that one. (Celebitchy)

Charlize Theron’s baby is so cute! (Celebitchy)

– Baseball’s craziest hot dogs. In case you are hungry. (Serious Eats)

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Comments (10):

  1. Reena Doane

    paul rudd did the same kind of video for rookie. it’s just as great as the jon hamm one.

  2. Christian

    I’m surprised it took them this long to develop an Instagram camera.

  3. Chasmosaur

    On the hot dog thing – Kramerczuk’s is the utter bomb if you’re in downtown Minneapolis. Glad to see the Twins are stepping up with their amazing sausages.

  4. LoriK

    The folks in Monaco have interesting standards if they think Charlene is the tacky one in that family.

  5. Jane

    I totally clicked on that Prep School Scandal article thinking, hmm, wonder if my prep school made the list, AND IT DID! I was even still attending when that happened! Oh, Harvard-Westlake, what a fine reputation you have garnered. I even feel semi-famous now. Scandal-adjacent.

    • Jessica

      That must have been a SCANDALE for y’all. I am so old that I remember when Harvard was one school and Westlake was another. We were, at my all girls school, v. envious.

  6. Eli

    Can we have a moment of silence for Ringer, please? While I am happy that Hart of Dixie was renewed, I will miss Ioan sexily Gruffudding all over my screen every week.

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  8. Kat

    Ugh, The Ringer AND Make it or Break It?!? I can’t even take it. I’m having some really horrific #whitegirlproblems right now.

  9. Erin

    So important to have your moles checked! I lost a 27-year old friend to melanoma. Regular checks can literally save your life. Thank you for including!