This is very charming on her.

That should be no surprise, as about 98 percent of what Zoe Saldana wears is charming on her. But I appreciate that she hasn’t dropped into a rabbit hole of crazy — one or two things here and there, sure, but she manages to try different stuff and push it a little bit here, a little bit there, without getting to a place where her every move is swaddled in insanity. She must have some killer repellent for the crazy bug. Bottle it, kid. You’d be even richer.

And now it’s time for Shameless Matchmaking:

How CUTE do she and Victor Cruz look together? And he’s very charming — we talked to him at Fashion Week after the Giants won the Super Bowl, and he was as calm and collected as if he’d just won a really super cool mixing bowl at, like, a silent auction for people with kitchen-supply fetishes. They are adorable together. Let’s make it happen. Let’s put it into the universe and be The Secret for them. I mean, we already basically got Sarah Michelle Gellar pregnant, right? Fug Nation has some POWER.

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