Fugs and Pieces, June 1st, 2012


Happy first day of June! I hope all your monthly horoscopes promise big love and good luck. As a reminder, our novel MESSY comes out on TUESDAY, but many of you are seeing it out and about in bookstores now and Amazon and Barnes and Noble are shipping it now! So go get yourself something to read already! PS: to our British friends: ENJOY THE JUBILEE.We will, of course, be watching.

Also to read:

NPR has a new blog about YA literature! Go read it! (PG-13: Risky Reads)

– This weekend is the Queen’s Jubilee! The Daily Beast explains it for us Yanks. I personally plan to celebrate by drinking. As usual. (Daily Beast)

– Royal Round-Up has, in fact, an exhaustive round-up of television coverage of the Jubilee. I have set the heck out of my DVR. (Royal Round-Up)

– Also! I think you will enjoy this illustrative piece about how to throw a Jubilee party. I SHOULD wear a Ginger Spice Union Jack dress! (Buzzfeed)

Diane Kruger and Pacey making out at the French Open. We all breathe a sigh of relief. (Lainey)

Lainey also has a very interesting take on this Zhang Ziyi: SUPER High End Prostitute? rumor. (Lainey)

– This is an interesting piece on how Jaguar felt about their involvement in last week’s Mad Men. Spoilers if you’re not caught up, obviously. (Ad Age)

– There is a grocery store in Austin that’s scheduled to open with the aim of being totally packaging free and utterly local. Which seems noble — and is — but also slightly impractical, perhaps? Because it turns out they don’t sell coffee. I…you guys. Please let us not return to Revolutionary Times where we had to, like, trade beads just for a cup of coffee.  I need to be able to buy coffee at the store. DON’T DENY ME COFFEE. WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO COMPROMISE AS A SOCIETY AND THIS IS WHERE I DO IT. (Bon Appetit)

– I am pretty sure that all I need to tell you is the name of this site and you will go to there: STATELY SANDWICHES. (Stately Sandwiches)

– Let’s take a look at some Once and Current flight attendant uniforms! (Smithsonian)

– Next, let’s explore the Best Selling Duets of All Time, via Infographic. Wait. “MOVES LIKE JAGGER” OUTSOLD “CRAZY IN LOVE”? I CAN NOT. I am going to spend the rest of my life devoted to insuring that, when I die, “Crazy in Love” will have outsold “Moves Like Jagger.”(Flavorwire)

This couple has worn matching outfits every day for 35 years. That’s one of those things that’s weird when you’re younger but really extremely sweet when you’re all old and whatnot. (Time)

– Ugh, if Anne Hathaway ruins Les Miserables for me, I swear I’m going to….well, complain about it on here a lot. (Celebitchy)

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Comments (30):

  1. Gigi

    That matchy couple’s got nothing on Eva and Adele!

    I love that sandwich site!

  2. Elizabeth E.

    I LIVE in Austin, and I, too, am concerned about an otherwise lovely set of folks and ideas. Do they not know what madness they could unleash?

  3. Linda M.

    Another Austinite weighing in: why couldn’t you bring your own coffee cup into the store, same as you will your resuable shopping bags? Who among us doesn’t have at least 10 of those damn commuter mugs? ;-)

  4. Jessica

    APPARENTLY they’re not even SELLING coffee because no coffee grows in Texas?

    • ChaChaHeels

      But coffee–and fair trade coffee, at that–is grown in Mexico. One brand name I can think of off the top of my head is “Justicia”. And technically, Texas is just the “new” name for Mexico, in my opinion. Ask people to bring in those commuter mugs, source the Oxfam/Ten Thousand Villages fair trade brand of Mexican coffee, and you can sell all the “local” coffee Austin can buy.

  5. currygirl

    I totally thought of you, Jessica, when I saw the trailer and heard Annie’s voice! :-) I wasn’t disappointed. I like her in movies more than you do (granted, I haven’t watched One Day). And I really thought she did a pretty good job at the Oscars, all things considered.

    • Aunt Linda

      Oh please. Hathaway will be fine. It’s Jackman I’m worried about!

      • CJ

        Totally cried watching the teaser for Les Mis. Anne Hathaway is going to be a wonderful Fantine, and the whole movie looks like it’s going to be spectacular….and very true to the book, I hear. As for my second husband, I saw his Back on Broadway show and his voice sounded AMAZING. I was standing (yes, standing) next to a man who is a music arranger and vocal coach and were both really impressed at how strong Hugh Jackman’s voice sounded and how much bigger his range seemed. Before seeing his show, I was a little skeptical about him playing a part with such high notes, but now I’m utterly convinced he’s going to brilliant. The man has been waiting 20 years to make a movie musical. (Check out his tribute to Gene Kelly on youtube). He’s putting his all into this. I can’t wait!!

      • LG

        WhatEVER! Hugh Jackman’s been on Broadway singing his ass off for YEARS. That Hathaway, though… I just do not know.

    • Sara

      I had to watch One Day out of curiosity…..Oh good lord. So bad. So bad bad bad (and not in an awful good way). Save yourself!

      • jean

        Thank you Sara! It is SO bad. But I can’t blame it on Hathaway. Bad film structure.

  6. Sajorina

    I’m currently in the process of reading “Spoiled” and enjoying it immensely! I looked for “Messy” at the Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee and every book & magazine stand in every US airport I landed in or departed from during my recent vacation with no luck, so Amazon it is… again! You, FugGirls, are AWESOME! Such gifted writers… I can’t thank you enough!

    • Jessica

      Thank YOU! It’s not officially out until Tuesday, so you can always check later, too. Messy won’t be in airports until it gets into paperback, probably (which is what happened to Spoiled).

      • Sajorina

        You’re more than welcome! I will support you in everything you do because it brings me so much joy! Congratulations on all of your success!

  7. Kris

    Definitely pick up “Messy”, y’all, it’s even more fun than “Spoiled” – and that’s saying something. I got it a week ago off Amazon and I’ve read it twice already.

  8. fanl

    Fug girls, I love you so much, I’ve been reading you ladies forever, and will ever!! But step off the Anne Hathaway hateraide. She annoys you- fine, you’re nothing if not opinionated, you share my skepticism of Natalie Portman and her oscar, but coooooooome on. Did you watch that Trailer for Les Miserables? Like the real one, not the undone leaked one? That put an instant lump in my throat. She not going for Pattie Lupone, she’s going for I’m sad and :spoiler: about to die. I think she sounds amazing. I think that movie looks like a Million Bucks. Just wanted to spat with you in a vaccum. Love you!!!

  9. Mongerel

    I come here FOR the “hateraide”. Carry on, please.

  10. amy

    I’m officially ready to sign up for the Pacey bandwagon. It took years for you two to convince me, but this latest round of photos from France did it. I’m hopelessly smitten..

  11. C-No

    Pacey looks just like my ex-boyfriend, and it just makes me sad that my fake Pacey is such a douche and real Pacey is so awesome. I WAS SO CLOSE.

  12. Gracie

    Hey GFY girls,

    I check your site everyday and I always love the Fugs and Pieces articles you point out but I was shocked to read the Lainey Zhang Ziyi article you suggested. Have you actually read it? The piece is pure racism against Chinese people – making gross, uninformed generalizations and it even talks in terms of ‘genetic defects’. I’m really disappointed to see a link to such an intolerant, hate-filled article on your website and I hope you take it down.

    From an extremely disappointed reader.

    • neiges

      Dear Gracie, while I am not very keen on expressions such as “genetic defects” I admit that I was very taken by Lainey’s article: chinese culture and power are very complex. My husband was in China a couple of times. Lainey clumsily tried to defend a lower class (as powerful people put it) girl against a very powerful structure. And all those workers who are paid a ridiculous sum for a lifetime of work and no fun whatsoever in their whole lives.

      • Nancy

        Regardless of the political point the article was trying to make, it was incredibly racist. You can address complex issues without resorting to such gross generalisations. I agree with Gracie.

        • ChaChaHeels

          Is it racist when it’s all about observations on Chinese power, written by a person who is Chinese?

        • Melanie

          I found the article from Lainey very informative. I used to live in China and I know we had the problem of doors being closed at least once a month until the envelope was brought down by the boss. I did not find it racist, I thought she was definitely putting the blame on the powerful.

  13. Cynthia W

    If you read the article – Lainey is actually Chinese, so I don’t know how you can call her a racist. I saw it more as hatred for Communist China than for Chinese people. And the story, itself, is heart-breaking and I don’t doubt it for one minute. Not because of any racial defect in Chinese people, but because I know people who left China for the very reasons that she’s talking about in the article.

    • Jessica

      She herself is Chinese; her parents are both from China — I believe in this generation. I did not at all care for that turn of phrase, either, but the rest of the piece was, as I said, “INTERESTING,” and not a point-of-view on the situation I had read anywhere else on the internet and ergo one that bore discussion. I think she actually showed a great deal of sympathy — perhaps poorly expressed — for the Chinese people, and a great deal of dislike for the Communist government. She is also the only person on the entire internet, it seems, who has noted that, if this story is true, we should feel TERRIBLE for Zhang Ziyi, rather than the gleeful OMG SHE’S A WHOORE phraseology I’ve seen everywhere else.

      Finally, please note that the words “a very interesting take” don’t necessarily mean “a take I totally agree with” or “something I believe 100% to be true.”

  14. jean

    On to lighter fare! JJ knows how to plant one in real life just like television. Hee. Some actors are just good television kissers and he’s one of them IMO.

  15. Gracie

    Hey Jessica,

    Thanks – you’ve written a great reply and I appreciate it . I didn’t know Lainey was Chinese and knowing that does change the tone of the article. However, I suppose I am just automatically repelled by articles that paint such broad brush strokes about whole races/countries – even when written by someone who comes from that country. It can still propagate hateful stereotypes. I guess I think the whole story is a bit off – whether or not it is true. But then again, Lainey does run a Gossip column and I agree with you – her take on the story is better than the majority labeling her a whore.

  16. Mark

    Diamond Jubilee fashion: Kate Middleton in Sarah Burton dress and even Princess Beatrice got it right! Mark