Happy first day of June! I hope all your monthly horoscopes promise big love and good luck. As a reminder, our novel MESSY comes out on TUESDAY, but many of you are seeing it out and about in bookstores now and Amazon and Barnes and Noble are shipping it now! So go get yourself something to read already! PS: to our British friends: ENJOY THE JUBILEE.We will, of course, be watching.

Also to read:

NPR has a new blog about YA literature! Go read it! (PG-13: Risky Reads)

– This weekend is the Queen’s Jubilee! The Daily Beast explains it for us Yanks. I personally plan to celebrate by drinking. As usual. (Daily Beast)

– Royal Round-Up has, in fact, an exhaustive round-up of television coverage of the Jubilee. I have set the heck out of my DVR. (Royal Round-Up)

– Also! I think you will enjoy this illustrative piece about how to throw a Jubilee party. I SHOULD wear a Ginger Spice Union Jack dress! (Buzzfeed)

Diane Kruger and Pacey making out at the French Open. We all breathe a sigh of relief. (Lainey)

Lainey also has a very interesting take on this Zhang Ziyi: SUPER High End Prostitute? rumor. (Lainey)

– This is an interesting piece on how Jaguar felt about their involvement in last week’s Mad Men. Spoilers if you’re not caught up, obviously. (Ad Age)

– There is a grocery store in Austin that’s scheduled to open with the aim of being totally packaging free and utterly local. Which seems noble — and is — but also slightly impractical, perhaps? Because it turns out they don’t sell coffee. I…you guys. Please let us not return to Revolutionary Times where we had to, like, trade beads just for a cup of coffee.  I need to be able to buy coffee at the store. DON’T DENY ME COFFEE. WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO COMPROMISE AS A SOCIETY AND THIS IS WHERE I DO IT. (Bon Appetit)

– I am pretty sure that all I need to tell you is the name of this site and you will go to there: STATELY SANDWICHES. (Stately Sandwiches)

– Let’s take a look at some Once and Current flight attendant uniforms! (Smithsonian)

– Next, let’s explore the Best Selling Duets of All Time, via Infographic. Wait. “MOVES LIKE JAGGER” OUTSOLD “CRAZY IN LOVE”? I CAN NOT. I am going to spend the rest of my life devoted to insuring that, when I die, “Crazy in Love” will have outsold “Moves Like Jagger.”(Flavorwire)

This couple has worn matching outfits every day for 35 years. That’s one of those things that’s weird when you’re younger but really extremely sweet when you’re all old and whatnot. (Time)

– Ugh, if Anne Hathaway ruins Les Miserables for me, I swear I’m going to….well, complain about it on here a lot. (Celebitchy)