Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episodes 14 and 15

That’s right! This one’s a twofer, given that we were at Fashion Week for the first one, and the second was Monday. YOU’RE WELCOME INTERNETS.

Here’s what’s going on: DeeDee finds a picture of Lemon that Mayor Lavon Hayes has secreted under his desk, because where else do you keep the picture of your secret beloved than taped under some furniture and not in, say, your underwear drawer? Also, Lavon’s parents come to town and announce they’re breaking up after almost forty years. Shenanigans ensue, some of which lead to DeeDee briefly thinking Zoe has the lesbian jones for Lemon (a plot twist I hope to see in season five or thereabouts), and some of which involve HNW taking over Zoe’s bedroom to turn it into a tropical love nest for the Hayes Parentals (on a night that she’s conveniently absent) to remind them of their True Love, and all which eventually lead to people having all kinds of Realizations About Love. Lavon breaks up with DeeDee and she’s real upset, but I don’t care because the last few episodes have featured DeeDee acting like she might be a little special in the head. He is still in love with Lemon, poor thing. On Lemon’s end of town, there’s all this blah blah blah that leads to her and George trying to elope but then realizing they really want a big church wedding/they need to drag this storyline out for maximum romantical angst for Lavon. And Zoe and Wade make up, but have not yet made OUT. Get on it, show!

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Comments (27):

  1. taylor

    Ah, these are so much fun! And Lemon does look much more reasonable with straight hair. But I’m not sure even the Mayor can pull off those pants.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    Deedee got DumpDumped? Shit, you people are funny! I watched the Snow day episode and was also pleased with lemon’s clothes and hair. Thank God. I love her elopement blazer.

  3. Rebecca

    I also really love Lemon’s hair straighter like that…it’s giving me hair envy a little bit and making me think I could pull it off, which I probably couldn’t.

    I couldn’t wait to see what you’d say about Mayor Lavon Hayes’ peach pants and you did not disappoint!

    How cute was HNW in his lumberjack jacket?? And that whole episode – loving Lavon’s parents so much and helping get them back together. Love him so. Do not love DeeDee and so glad she’s hopefully out of the picture for awhile now.

  4. vandalfan

    There’s some very nice handbags there in Bluebell, no? And I like the sconce reflections, they add a touch of the netherworld.

  5. Other Meredith

    I’m so glad that HNW and Zoe aren’t fighting anymore. I can’t take it when they fight! Also, HNW saving the day/Lavon’s parents’ relationship was my favorite thing ever, even though it kind of grossed me out.

    • Other Meredith

      I mean that the parents having their romantic reunion at Zoe’s grossed me out.

  6. Thomas

    You know, “lesbian jones” is a severely underused phrase ;) I’m also thinking that would be THE BEST Bond girl name ever.

  7. Small Anne Cordelia

    Tim Matheson? I know nothing of this Tim Matheson person of whom you speak. All is see is OTTER.

  8. Sarah

    Why, I did order a lumberjack. How’d you know?

  9. Kathryn

    the first thing I thought when I saw Lemon’s sequined jacket was “Jessica is SO going to love that!”

    I also keep waiting for Lemon’s dad – OTTER! – to rock out a toga

  10. Alex

    Did anyone else find it incredibly unrealistic that one day they are in shorts, the next there is snow and then two days later they are back to shorts???

    • Lindsay

      No, not unrealistic at all. That’s the south for you. I live in Arkansas and we can have snow one day and be 75 degrees and sunny the next.

    • Katie Lynn

      That happens to us in MICHIGAN all the time. Seriously. Michigan. Wait two minutes and the weather will change.

  11. Ashley

    My fave comment is on photo #20, because I also thought the same thing while watching: “Speaking of so cute. It takes a lot of man to pull of those pants. Conveniently, I think those pants have taught me that Mayor Lavon Hayes IS a lot of man.”

  12. Pouncer

    Does Lemon always wear wrist-length white gloves???

  13. Gigi

    You guys, I will be REQUIRING Fug The Show installments on GCB, cause that Southern fried crazeballs promises to be very entertaining!

  14. Emma

    What does HNW stand for?

  15. alex

    to the fug girls : the gold jacket is actually a sweater/cardigan from malene birger :) it is still available on some online sites on sale for around 200$ :)

  16. Sarie

    I love your Heart of Dixie recap so, so much!

  17. Eli

    My thoughts: 1. I love this show. It actually warms my cold, dead heart a little with its charm. 2. Ernie Hudson as Lavon’s father was great casting. 3. I am pretty sure Lemon’s wedding outfit was worn on the cover of one of the American Girls books in the 1980s. 4. James Wolk IS dreamy and someone needs to make him a show that puts him on my TV every week. I have loved him since I watched him on some Hallmark movie where he played a dreamy teacher with Tourettes.

  18. Al

    Did you girls miss the Sweetie Pie dance episode? Or did Lemon’s outfit for the dance cause the same eruption in your brain that it did in mine and you blocked it out?

    In any case, thanks for this, as always super fun and super wacked outfits. I loved Zoe’s hat and cape. I am almost sad that they seem to be de-Lemoning Lemon. The way Jaime King plays her she seems like a humorless shrew (I don’t understand why either George or Lavon would be interested), so I always assumed her horrendously awesome outfits were hypnotizing. If she’s going to start looking normal, then what? Whereas the George-HNW-Zoe triangle that the show seemed to start off with but has pulled back on was promising, I find George-Lemon-Lavon tiresome.

    I’m still hoping that Zoe Hart (can’t say her first name without saying her last name) gets to have a little fun soon, especially if it involves HNW.

  19. Louisa

    Hee to the pic where Rachel Bilson is making a face… It looks like her “ewww” expression face when she was on The OC!

  20. Martha

    I quit watching this show around episode 6 or so because, while it IS charming, I had too many shows and needed to drop one, PLUS I knew that I could still keep up with it through these fugcaps. This is my way of saying thank you.

    Also, one of you needs to start watching Once Upon a Time, because you would have a FIELD DAY with the costumes on that show. The recaps would be epic. Just something for you to consider.

  21. Casey

    Bless you for the Ghostbusters jokes. Between Ernie Hudson, Tim Matheson, and Carl Winslow, this show is becoming the go-to spot for funny guys from my childhood.