That’s right! This one’s a twofer, given that we were at Fashion Week for the first one, and the second was Monday. YOU’RE WELCOME INTERNETS.

Here’s what’s going on: DeeDee finds a picture of Lemon that Mayor Lavon Hayes has secreted under his desk, because where else do you keep the picture of your secret beloved than taped under some furniture and not in, say, your underwear drawer? Also, Lavon’s parents come to town and announce they’re breaking up after almost forty years. Shenanigans ensue, some of which lead to DeeDee briefly thinking Zoe has the lesbian jones for Lemon (a plot twist I hope to see in season five or thereabouts), and some of which involve HNW taking over Zoe’s bedroom to turn it into a tropical love nest for the Hayes Parentals (on a night that she’s conveniently absent) to remind them of their True Love, and all which eventually lead to people having all kinds of Realizations About Love. Lavon breaks up with DeeDee and she’s real upset, but I don’t care because the last few episodes have featured DeeDee acting like she might be a little special in the head. He is still in love with Lemon, poor thing. On Lemon’s end of town, there’s all this blah blah blah that leads to her and George trying to elope but then realizing they really want a big church wedding/they need to drag this storyline out for maximum romantical angst for Lavon. And Zoe and Wade make up, but have not yet made OUT. Get on it, show!