Ms. Akerman has a checkered fug history — really, really cute, sunny girl, with a great figure, but often strange ways of showing off both those things. Points for trying, but then again, the Washington Generals get points for trying, too, and that hasn’t yielded a very impressive win-loss record. Not that I’m saying Malin Akerman is the red carpet’s answer to the Washington Generals. That feels like Jessica Chastain, to me, right now (so close, but not quite enough, despite one or two surprise and exciting victories). Anyway, let’s cut the basketball digressions and weird-ass analogies and just get to the outfits. It’s Oscar week soon. Let’s save our strength.

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  • She has great style! (5%, 255 Votes)
  • She's doing interesting stuff, at least, even if it doesn't always work (63%, 3,167 Votes)
  • REBOOT. (32%, 1,615 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,037

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