Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, Episode 3

So, I should have hung onto the first couple of episodes of Hart of Dixie, but I just decided to start covering it this week, so…we’ll all have to muddle through. Let me catch you up: Rachel Bilson inherits half of a medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama — which, according to this show, is full of people who never heard a twang they didn’t like and try to emulate, sometimes changing twang cadence in the middle of sentences. She is a Big City Girl who is apparently, despite being a hot shot doctor (which isn’t, by the way, something Bilson can carry off, although she is extremely adorable), isn’t smart enough to figure out that if she wants to assimilate, it might not be the best idea to spend her whole time in formal shorts and screaming about wild life. The doctor she shares the practice with is Tim Matheson and he hates, her except as of this week, he all of sudden doesn’t because she complimented his gumbo. I’m not making that up. Let’s take a look at the cracked out get-ups they poured poor Rachel Bilson into this week.

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  1. Gigi

    As one of your older commenters, I will be requiring photographs of Tim Matheson next time. Long Live Otter!

    Oh, and Hollywood is still convinced that Southern girls all wear vintage outfits because we can’t let go of the past or remember we lost the war or something? Argh.

  2. Linda

    I may have to watch this to see Jason Street – I miss him.
    And to make fun Lemon’s (?) outfits.

  3. Andrew S.

    LOL, I’m watching this but its still slightly painful

    Also, I will continue to remember Cress instead as Terrence/’Scooter’ from ‘Living Single’ ;3

    • Karen

      Yes, he’ll always be Scooter to me, too–the love of Queen Latifah’s life.

  4. TaraMisu

    I will admit I made it through the pilot episode only. Cute premise, horrible, HORRIBLE execution! Bad cliches, bad accents (and I noticed they changed throughout too!)…. I don’t think this will last much longer.
    I lived in the south for a time, this show is so far from reality….

  5. vandalfan

    Well, HELLO there, Cress Williams! Or shall I say “howdy”, in the vernacular. And what has she got on her feet in the striped-shirt snakebite scene? Small model elephants?

    • Christopher D

      Thank you vandalfan! I literally stoped dead for five minutes staring at those… things? SME’s? Whatever.

      Jessica – love the fug, will never watch the show, don’t need to as you will give me what i need (before they cancel it.)

  6. Starling

    1. I love you so much, Jessica, for the line about using the Beverly Hillbillies as research. J. Crew doesn’t just deliver to Alabama, they even have stores there. And for one brief, shining moment in the late 90s/early 2000s, Saks Fifth Avenue’s home office was located in none other than Birmingham, AL. We were BIG TIME, Y’ALL.
    2. I not-so-secretly love Jaime King’s outfits in this episode. I know they’re a little overly vintage-y, but they also look like something Zooey Deschanel would pull off beautifully. Therefore, I love them. My beloved Summer Roberts just looks terrifying in the leather bloomers.

    • G

      Except for Lemon’s dress in pic #2, where the elastic cutting into her chest has given her 4 breasts.

  7. islandgirl1

    I don’t watch this show, but how I laughed at this post! Love it!

  8. Lindy

    Ugh, as someone who is actually FROM Alabama, let me tell you, we actually do have electricity and we do know how to dress. You know, we can get a subscription to Vogue there, too, and we lots of great shopping, especially in Birmingham.

    And, another thing: Alabama isn’t the only school in Alabama. Some of us went to Auburn, so “War Eagle”!

    Ugly clothes and deplorable fake Southern accents!

    • Starling

      Lindy, hi from a fellow Alabama native! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets rightfully irritated by that mess. I miss Birmingham shopping – I don’t have anything near that level where I am now.

      And some of us went to the forgotten “third school” – go Blazers :)

  9. Other Meredith

    I’m enjoying this way more than I really should. And even thought Lemon dresses in a ridiculous way, I’ll allow it because it’s really cute, but I cannot stand the formal shorts anymore! I wouldn’t take anyone seriously who was wearing them, let along a doctor.

  10. juliannarose

    Kumquat is wearing a dress from Anthropologie. If they can get Anthropologie in “bluebell” AL, then J Crew most definitely delivers.

  11. Mair Mair

    I uncharacteristically watched part of what I guess was the first episode. Uncharacteristic, because I almost never watch dramas (or sitcoms) of any type. Except for The Walking Dead, which thankyougodiscomingbackTHISSUNDAY!!!!!! Where was I? Oh yes, Hart of Dixie. So I watched about 15 minutes of the first episode and it was so chock full of stupidity it that I was reduced to incoherent shouting and had to change the channel. Imagine my delight to find that Jessica has dissected all those many facets of stupidity for our amusement. Thank you, Jessica.

  12. kari

    I love that you refuse to call Scott Porter anything but “Jason Street”, and I also might have to start watching this show because both Jason Street AND Vince Howard’s terrible dad are on it.

    • Linda

      Yes! If we could only get Tim Riggins on it…

      • Annie E

        Holy crap, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of Riggins on this show but now I can’t get it out of my head.

  13. Sim

    Great post, Jessica! God knows I love Jason Street, but even he couldn’t save this show for me. It’s hilariously bad. Who knows, I may end up watching just for the lols, but I just started rewatching FNL from the beginning and I think I might just get my #6 fix from there. HOLY CATS is it the best. So sad it’s over.

  14. Stefanie

    Who actually needs to watch these shows (The Ringer is included on this list) when the Fug Girls do such wonderful recaps.

    • taylor

      Absolutely! The Fug Girls recaps are the best, and they make actually watching the shows unnecessary. (Which is handy since I don’t own a TV. So, Thank You, Fug Girls!)

  15. TonyG

    Heather and Jessica:

    Could you do one of these for An American Horror Story?

    I have a feeling that you’ll have plenty to post with its dowdily (is that a word) dressed characters to contrast with crazy colorful characters, to wit: a maid who appears as both a 80 year old and a bombshell temptress; a teenage girl who walked in on daddy doing the do; a potentially serial killer boyfriend for said teenage girl, an oddball don’t-f***-with-me Southerner played by Jessica Lange; a rubber-suited ghost that’s got the hots for Connie Britton’s character who is a troubled kick-ass wife and….Dylan McDermott, who is kind of dreamy and was either half or fully nude for at least four scenes.


  16. A.J.

    I second the request for Tim Matheson photos! I have a strange love of him since the TV movies (which are wonderful, wonderful fromage) Buried Alive I and II!

    I can’t stand television shows whose writers seem to be shocked that people live in places other than New York or LA.

  17. liz

    OMG the fact that it is Merlotte’s has been driving me crazy. Also the formal shorts. I almost had a meltdown over the leather ones. WTF. I really do like this show though, everyone seems to be super charming which makes me forget about the crazy southern stereotypes and implausability that Summer Roberts is some sort of cold heartless doctor who needs to learn how to bond with patients.

  18. Leona

    I actually really like this show, but I missed the second episode, so thank you SO much for filling me in on what happened to Nancy Travis & confirming that the spunky Asian waitress was out of the blue. I think Rachel’s a little awkward in the role, but I like the ensemble & think the show has potential. It’s Doc Hollywood, but with a girl– and I LOVE Doc Hollywood.

  19. Annie E

    Ugh, people who have tractors know how to not get run over by them.

  20. Egreen

    I wanted to enjoy this slideshow, but the bouncing, jiggle-my-screen-around ad craziness was too distracting and I had to bail on it midway through. I’m sorry to be negative; I love Rachel Bilson, formal-shorts kvetching, Jason Street, etc.!

  21. Lina

    The WB…sorry, CW. Where doctors don’t wear no stinkin’ white coats.

  22. Karen

    I wanted to like this show SO DAMN MUCH. But the writers are making it impossible, and when you’ve got a cast with Rachel Bilson and Tim Matheson, you should NOT have to work that hard to make it good.

    They especially don’t seem to know who Bilson’s character really IS, as they sometimes make her handy with the wisecrack, a real New Yorker, but then they show her doing her gobsmacked, open-mouthed, hurt puppy face. She should be DESTROYING Lemon with the power of her riposte!

    But the writers are as clueless about NYC as the “Castle” writers are (oh, how I winced when Castle referred to a fourth-floor walkup as a “four-storey walkup”). No one “drops by” Per Se for risotto–one, because it is far and away the most hideously expensive restaurant in the city, but mostly because–and I’m quoting here–”The menu, which changes daily, is a jumble of bite-size tastings, the most modest of which involves five courses, including cheese and dessert.” You don’t drop by for an a la carte snack.


  23. Mare

    This show is so painful to watch, but this makes up for it. Also put me down for getting Riggins on board.

  24. Sandra

    Okay, Rachel Bilson is actually 30, which means she could possibly be a doctor, but sure as hell not a surgeon yet. And she looks like she’s 12. The dopey outfits don’t help. I wouldn’t trust that person to give heartworm pills to my dog, much less do anything medical to me.

    • Fiona

      EXACTLY! They couldn’t find a still-adorable but mid-30s actress to play this???

  25. Laucie

    My husband’s an MD, I work in a medical building, and probably know 100 doctors personally. Never have I seen one, male or female, in the hospital, at their offices, or loitering on the streets in formal shorts. (And we only live one state away from Alabama !)

  26. tejasmom

    I accidentally caught part of the last episode, and I thought I read it was pretty good- ‘fraid not.. Your recap just about covers it. The dialogue is absolutely ridiculous. Bilson does not come off as a talented surgeon, even if she had to tell Tim Matheson how to save the tractor dude’s life.

  27. Liz

    Oh I so wanted to like this show. As a Southern lawyer with a closet full of fun designer clothes I really wanted a show that demonstrated how young professional woman could care about fashion and still be serious, hardworking professionals. Alas, this is so not that show. Rachel Bilson’s portrayal of this character doesn’t give it any credibility and generally just falls flat. And, as everyone has pointed out, the stereotypes are very pervasive and off-putting. Let’s not forget that Nieman Marcus started below the Mason Dixon Line, that every major city in the South has either a Neimans or a Saks (and Internet access to boot), and that even those Southern women who can’t afford the real deal still pride themselves on looking beautiful and stylish and can hit up the local Target with the best of them.

    As an aside, if anyone out there in TV land is reading, we twenty-something to thirty-something women would love it if you could create a show with well-educated, professional, believable female characters who also like to look good and have fun. As best I can tell, in TV land you don’t get to be fashionable, smart, and funny until you are in your forties (a la Sex and the City)

  28. anny

    Very BRIEF leather bloomers and … whatever the hell that is on her feet. Umbrella stands? Concrete overshoes? Whatever was left in the bottom of the missionary barrel?

  29. Mooshki

    Cress is sooooooo sexy on this show. I just want to ravish him!

  30. OM0207

    Now I really want Lemon to be a vampire!

  31. Sajorina

    I honestly like Rachel’s wardrobe on this show, which I admit I’m enjoying! She’s from NY, so she HAS to stand out against the Lemons and Kumquats of Bluebell, Alabama! Plus, there’s always going to be eccentric characters in small town shows! Remember “Gilmore Girls” & “Northern Exposure”? Exactly!

    Btw, that last dress… FABULOUS!!!

  32. realityburns

    The cafe/restaurant IS the set they use for Merlottes! I went on a tour of Warner Brothers last month and they showed us this set and mentioned it’s used in a dozen or so different shows, including True Blood!

  33. crystal

    At least True Blood has the grace to pretend like it’s affectionately ribbing Southerners, instead of flat-out making fun of them. That waitress, holy moly. I think Rachel looks pretty cute in her formal shorts, though. The Bilson is so tiny and cute that it works somehow. Don’t judge me, okay!

  34. robni090

    I am a doctor and have never worn formal shorts…maybe I’m doing something wrong! Other than the hideous leather ones, I think they look cute, but not the kind of clothing a doctor would ever wear!

  35. Vanessa

    As my Daddy might say, I guaran-damn-tee ya that any physician who moved to a rural Southern town and walked around in public dressed like that (stacked shoes, leather bloomers, and off-the-shoulder shirts!) would have a clientele of exactly zero patients. Additionally, she’d have to endure the shame of being continuously gaped and laughed at by the townsfolk. She’d head back to the big city lickety-split or slowly lose her mind and become the town pariah.

  36. Velma

    What really killed me was from a previous episode where bilson showed up to help with a parade float and was wearing baggy jeans, a wife beater, and an asinine bandanna on her head. Then she rode the float in short rolled Jean shrts and an oversized jersey tied on the side. No self repecting professional would wear those outfits in public, no matter how quirky and eccentric they are.

  37. gin_in_teacups

    I am SO glad you said that even though Rachel Bilson doesn’t come off as dumb, she also doesn’t come off as serious. I was trying to figure out why I can’t believe her as a surgeon even though she seems perfectly intelligent and the lack of seriousness is it exactly!

    Anyway, this show is terrible. But I’ll keep watching it because Mondays are generally horrible no matter what, and GG and Castle are somehow not enough hours of guilty pleasure TV for me.

  38. What's The New Black

    The show is actually better than I expected! I agree the first episode was a little weird, but it has only gotten better since!

  39. M

    I’ll add my voice to the chorus and ask that you please continue to fug this show. It is so ridiculous, but Jason Street is awesome, and he and Summer Roberts would make a great couple if they could only give her the right character to play. (Also, I wish Lemon *was* a vampire; it would make things way more interesting.) Poor Rachel Bilson. I love her dearly, thanks to the OC, but this is like watching Summer Roberts “graduating” from med school and trying to be taken seriously and it’s not working. Your take on the fashion is hilarious (much like Heather’s for Ringer) so please keep it up! :)

  40. sarky

    Brilliant to name the nemesis character Lemon. ‘Cos she’s thin skinned and sour right?

  41. Houstonette

    I actually really enjoy this show. Yes, the southern characters are downright caricatures (bordering on cartoonish), but it’s entertaining and the story is cute.