Kate Hudson is currently shooting what might be the boringest-titled movie in the history of film: The Reluctant Fundamentalist. It feels like someone named it by picking adjectives and nouns out of a hat. It could as easily have been The Naysaying Botanist, or The Jacketed Existentialist, or The Mild Gardener. Anyway, for her undoubtedly fascinating role in The Pensive Chemist, Kate has donned a brunette wig. I’m curious as to what you think.

Am I crazy or does it give her a Wino Forever vibe? Old-school Wino, though, circa Heathers. I’m trying to imagine this color actually properly dyed on her real hair, and in the end I think it would be all wrong. I mean, sure, it could work for The Uncertain Barber, or The Disinterested Mixologist. But for Kate Hudson? She’s Goldie Hawn’s daughter. A slightly messy head of blonde hair is not only in her DNA, but it’s her family calling card. And so I feel like, why are you casting Kate Hudson in your movie to be anything else? Because the whole time I’ve looked at this photo, I’ve been thinking, “Hey, look, The Tedious Zoologist looks like Kate Hudson in a bad wig.” Not promising for your film.

Call it:

  • This looks great (3%, 283 Votes)
  • This would look good if it were a real dye job and not a huge wig (21%, 2,226 Votes)
  • Time of death: Right now. (76%, 7,864 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,374

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]