It’s here: A proper preview of the four 90-minute Gilmore Girls episodes that are coming next month — all at once — to Netflix, which I guess means at Thanksgiving I will be bingeing on more than just stuffing.

What do you think? We’ve got Luke, Jess, Dean, hand-holding, an Edward Hermann sighting that made me misty even though it’s silly, some Sookie, of course some Michel… and Lorelai, Rory, coffee, and takeout.

It’s weird seeing the show get a movie-style preview, because I feel like all the dialogue and its trademark fast pacing works way better in context than in snippets. So I’m trying to hold back on reacting to that until I can dive in and watch it all in flow. Still: Does this make you excited? Nervous? Emotional? Are you clinging to the promise of hearing Amy Sherman-Palladino’s famous last four words — the ones she repeatedly said SHE would have used to end the WB finale — or do you kind of wish she would stop harping on about that, because the person who took over the show tried really hard and was not responsible for some of the things that had gone wrong with it by then, so just stop piling on already? Or BOTH? (I guess I have feelings about that.) But regardless, ASP made a universe I really flipped for, and characters and faces I’m so happy to see. When Rory rests her head on Lorelai’s shoulder at the cemetery… y’all, I don’t cry at much in TV and movies, but Lauren Graham grieving Richard Gilmore might do it.