So, I should have hung onto the first couple of episodes of Hart of Dixie, but I just decided to start covering it this week, so…we’ll all have to muddle through. Let me catch you up: Rachel Bilson inherits half of a medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama — which, according to this show, is full of people who never heard a twang they didn’t like and try to emulate, sometimes changing twang cadence in the middle of sentences. She is a Big City Girl who is apparently, despite being a hot shot doctor (which isn’t, by the way, something Bilson can carry off, although she is extremely adorable), isn’t smart enough to figure out that if she wants to assimilate, it might not be the best idea to spend her whole time in formal shorts and screaming about wild life. The doctor she shares the practice with is Tim Matheson and he hates, her except as of this week, he all of sudden doesn’t because she complimented his gumbo. I’m not making that up. Let’s take a look at the cracked out get-ups they poured poor Rachel Bilson into this week.