Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap, episode 201

Don’t worry, this show continues to be charming, and primarily shirtless.

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  1. Erin

    This show is so charming. CW must have stepped up the budget on hair and make-up, because (aside from that still of HNW) everyone looked great this week. My favorite lines of the night was the exchange between Polka Dots and Annabeth that went along the lines of AB: I don’t care what people think. PD: Really? Because you might want to reconsider that dress.

  2. Jane

    I missed Lavon’s pants and HNW’s abs and Zoe’s short. It’s like my old friends are back.

    And thanks SO MUCH for linking to your Olympian abs post and letting me fall down that wormhole again… I just wasted twenty minutes drooling. You always think of us.

  3. Eli

    There should be a permalink to the Abs post at the top of the page for easy reference. I feel that it is always something I will return to when I am bored or sad or need a pick-me-up, much like Television Without Pity’s recap of Center Stage.

    • Nattastrophe

      THANK YOU for alerting me to the existence of that recap – love TWOP and Center Stage, so I just ran off to read the entire glorious thing :)

  4. Jen

    Wilson Bethel apparently did another project during the summer and shaved part of his head for that. Maybe that is why his hair looked funny. It could be a wig of some sort to make him look the same. Wade obviously did not have time to get a haircut. He was busy showing of his abs all day to remind us why we missed him.

    Thanks for the recap. I always read them and I enjoy them immensely.

  5. GirlyObsessions.com

    YES! I was waiting for this post!!! I love this show. so. freaking. much!!! Love your Fug recaps even more!

  6. BostonLawyaGal

    I have been waiting for this post since Tuesday! This show is not objectively good at all yet I am SO CHARMED by all of it. HNW did not look as good as usual this week, but it’s all evened out by the shirtlessness while working on a car. I am SO HAPPY Lavon is getting a decent love interest. He is the best character on this show. Lavon Spinoff 4Eva.

  7. Sandra

    Ummm, I’m frightened that she isn’t wearing cowboy boots at all in the breakfast scene. Might those things be Uggs?

  8. ok

    I’m sorry, but I disagree with your take on George and Zoe when he finds her at breakfast. While he did not slut-shame her terribly, he did shame her– trying to make her feel bad for having sex with a single hot man with a job. “Wade, really?” I guess she was just supposed to join the nunnery.

    Then after that, he proceeds to say “But I broke up my impending marriage to a harpy FOR YOU” in about a billion ways, which is terribly unfair to Zoe– she didn’t make him do a damn thing. And after jerking her around for a whole season, he had a lot of nerve to be pissed that she didn’t just drop everything and embrace a man who was willing to jilt his fiance on the day of their wedding.

    I don’t think George Tucker was charming at all, and I generally like him, even though I think he’s a total coward.

    To be fair, the made Wade an unsufferable boar as well– that shit with a B/B-? HNW would have gotten a kick to the groin for that, if I were Zoe. No wonder she chose to be by herself– her suitors are a bunch of selfish babies.

    • Sandra

      Unless he moved from Fayetteville recently, Wade is unlikely to be a boar. Though I agree his behavior is boorish.

    • laura

      well said :)
      as long as this show doesn’t pair up george and zoe without looking at those issues, it will continue to be a fabulous part of my week. almost as fabulous as these recaps!

  9. Mo

    You guys, do I have to start watching this show? I’ve resisted so far, but you might have convinced me. It’s a little daunting to catch up with 22 episodes of Season 1 though. But Tim Matheson! Great triangles! Jaunty hats! Fug Nation — what say you?

    • KatieBell

      I say get thee to Netflix (1st season is available for streaming) and watch it! It’s SO fun and sweet and charming – it was literally the show I was MOST looking forward to coming back. It’s unlike anything else on tv (imo) because I just feel… happy when I watch it – light and fluffy – cotton candy tv. I really, totally love this show. :-)

      • pidget

        Mo, I think they broke me, as well. I might have to watch this…

        • Mo

          Set up DVR to record this season and will get myself to Netflix on Sunday which is forecast to be cold and rainy. I’ll probably need cotton candy after watching Fringe tonight.

  10. Stefanie

    I should watch this show but the CW isn’t in HD around my parts and the TV my husband HAD TO HAVE is so big non-HD channels look funny. (UM HELLO FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!)

    I love the “I CHoose ME” jacket. I want a leather jacket so bad but my arms are so long Im having a hard time finding one. (Well hello again FWP!)

    • Caity

      I’ll solve your first world problem with a first world solution. The CW streams all of its shows the day after they air online or through their iPhone/iPad apps.

  11. jen


    (obviously I reserve the right to call you “Otter” in the heat of passion)

  12. A.J.

    Thank you for Tim Matheson!

  13. Karen

    Um, hello??? OF COURSE YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH MAYOR LAVON HAYES. So am I. (But also Tim Matheson. And I like looking at HNW without his shirt on. And also they need to bring back Gary Cole, because I’m in love with him, too.)

    I like this show.

  14. Gigi

    TIM. The summer break has done his sexy very good.

    Jessica, please do not ever forget Tim. You must be vigilant! We are COUNTING ON YOU.

  15. Rachel

    I’m cool with “I choose me,” as long as she doesn’t chop off her lovely hair and become a self-righteous, victim-playing know-it-all. *side-eyes Kelly Taylor*

    Aside: Jessica, as soon as she decided not to choose either one, I thought “I CHOOSE ME!” and KNEW that phrase would make an appearance here. Thank you for never failing to disappoint! :-)

  16. Mare

    I also thank you for these posts but have to admit that I am so into these recaps that I was sort of miffed when everyone on the show did not refer to Wade as Hot Neighbor Wade or HNW. It fits him so perfectly.

    And I await Lemon getting to pick between some HNW and Levon, since she is now a free modern woman and can shuck the guilt.

    • Joie

      God, I was totally confused when they kept referring to Wade as, well, Wade, and not HNW.
      Also, I am SO pleased to learn that it’s on Netflix. Yesssss! What perfect news to hear now that I’m nursing a cold.

  17. Margaret

    I started watching this show after you guys were screencapping it and I LOVE IT. So right about the love triangle-ness. And I own those cowboy boot slippers, they were a Christmas from a quirky aunt!

  18. Vandalfan

    I have never watched the show, but purely from your recaps I have fallen in girl-crush with poor, jilted Lemon.

  19. SM

    Zoe, the dating plan didn’t work for Dana Whitaker; it will not work for you.

  20. Rebecca

    I was SO excited for this show to come back! And I’m so glad you’re still doing the Fug Caps for it!! It makes the show so much more enjoyable for me, thinking about what you guys will say when I’m watching the show.

    I am also obsessed with Zoe’s “I Choose Me” leather jacket. I can’t wait for the Lavon love triangle to begin, but is anyone else afraid that with Lemon working at the Rammer Jammer with HNW something might start with them?! I know it’s a crazy thought, but just about everyone else on this show has hooked up, so who knows!

  21. gin_in_teacups

    SO happy this show is back, and even happier for the recap!

  22. Rachel

    I don’t think anyone working on this show has ever been to southern AL. It is HOT there, you guys. Sweaters and leather jackets ahoy. The formal shorts are more fitting.

    That being said, half the reason I watch this show is reading the subsequent fugcaps. Love it!

  23. Sally

    Oh my gosh, I wonder when this will come to NZ. We are currently getting season 1 (at the bizarre timeslot of 5.30pm on a Sunday afternoon!) and I am happily going back and reading your “fug the show” post of the episode after it plays :-) Now I will just have to exercise some self control and NOT read the posts of the second season (and also Revenge which I see you’ve fugged)!

    • SCM

      I couldn’t wait Sally! I *ahem* acquired both of these shows already so that I’m up to date. 5.30pm Sunday is TVNZ’s go to time slot for the CW but you never see any promos for them!