Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie recap

This felt like one of those in-between-y episodes, right? Where certain plotlines are tied up (the possibility of George and Zoe hooking up in the near future; Tim Matheson and Laura Bell Bundy concealing their relationship from everyone) and others are set into motion (Annabeth and Lavon’s burgeoning romance; Lemon running LBB out of town with her hair on fire). Necessary to move the season forward, but not as fun as usual. But thanks to the costume department for a LOT of cute coats and one terrible, terrible TERRRRRRIBLE disservice to AB.


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  1. Reg

    this show is MY everything, cute oufits and completely unbelievable head conditions. ugh I must move to Bluebell! I will hang with AB (and her multitude of extremely cute wardrobe, minus the hideous yellow apron *shudder*), Carl Wilson (I am SO onboard with his various artistic endeavors) and of course Jason Street.

  2. Gigi

    Who wouldn’t want to be nailing Otter? And if your man has a cured sausage, would that mean he’s Jewish? I’ll take that spiraling out of control baton from you, Jessica, and run with it…

  3. Cucina49

    I bought AB’s polka-dot dress in the December sales–it’s great-looking, and kudos to the costumers for styling it better than it was on Kate Spade’s website. Has anyone else noticed just how much Kate Spade is worn on this show?

  4. Eliza

    I knew you’d love Zoe’s leopard print coat. When I saw it, the second thing I thought, right after “I want”, was the Fug ladies will so love this coat. Luckily we live in different cities so we won’t fight over the last one on the coat rack. But clearly I deserve the coat more ’cause I live in San Francisco where it gets cold enough to wear one (especially in the summer) unlike LA. :-)

    Even though we’re in (virtual) competition for this coat, can you help a fellow coat and animal print lover out and find out who makes this coat?

  5. Jess

    What about the Lavon and AB connection the show was hinting at towards the end? Thoughts? As much as I love AB, I am still a Lemon/Lavon shipper!

    • Annie E

      I do. Not. Like. It. Even though I should not be surprised because this show is all about the love triangles, and with Zoe and Wade and George and Tansy all fixed up for now, they had to up the romantic ennui elsewhere.

  6. Caroline

    Always love your recaps! I don’t agree with this not being a funny episode, though. I laughed out loud a number of times. I actually enjoyed the akwardness between the couples. Being a George and Zoe shipper I am not buring my hopes. On the contrary, this episode left me hopeful. I did hear George and Zoe say they were happy with Tansy and Wade, but their eyes told me they weren’t completely honest to themselves. I totally agree on your comments about the outfits, my favorite being Zoe’s yellow pants and black blouse.

  7. Sylvia

    I’m sorry, there were post after Lavon’s butt? If he were real, we’d already be married with two kids.

  8. LT1

    One of my favorite moments was LBB making the necklace from the shopping site she was looking at out of paper clips.

    I’m a Lemon/Lavon shipper as well and I don’t want AB hurt. I was hoping Oliver could stay but I saw the same look on AB’s face that he did. . .

  9. witjunkie

    OK, but what about Annabelle getting the best line on Hart of Dixie ever? “Inpenetrable? We’ll see about that!” heeheehheeeehhehee

  10. Rachel

    AB and Lavon must NOT be a thing. Lemon/Lavon all the way. Also, are we really pretending Foreign Accent Syndrome is real? (Okay, according to Google it is…but seriously. Poor AB. Terrible luck with men.)

    I thought LBB would be horribly annoying after a while (as evidenced circa her fling with Jason Street), but she is surpisingly growing on me. The paper clips bit was adorable.

  11. gin_in_teacups

    As a Zoe/Wade shipper I’m afraid that the Zoe/George storyline won’t be on the back burner for all that long. There was a definite look of longing between them at the end. And while I don’t necessarily have a problem with Zoe/George (this show is very good at depicting why all the portions of all the love triangles are are into each other) I think she’s better with Wade. What I am definitely not into is AB/Lavon. I could see the show going there (again, super effective at showing chemistry between those characters), but I could also AB rejecting him b/c of Lemon and that being how Lavon finally learns about Lemon’s Feelings.

  12. Sajorina

    I felt the same way about this in-between episode, but it was enjoyable all the same! I love me some Zoe & Hot Neighbor Wade! And, awesome fashion! And, counter desserts & pastries! And, sandwiches!

  13. Marcie

    Southern/British dude was on What I Like About You for a stint! THAT show is my everything, even though Amanda Bynes turned into a Looney Toon

  14. Amy

    I will never give up hope that Zoe and George will eventually get together, I was totally sympathizing with George’s mother when she got out off the houseboat and was all disappointed her plan didn’t work. Also, I am down with Lavon and Annabeth, she needs someone good and isn’t Lemon sort of dating that other guy they met at that club early in the season?