It always pleases me when Nina Dobrev shows up at a big awards show, because she is very, very talented, and very, very overlooked in the industry because she’s on a CW show, which is totally unfair (and ’twas ever thus, too; Gilmore and Buffy are proof of that). Further, when she does show up, Nina usually kills it.

And she did it again. She killed it dead. There is zero room for error in that gown, which makes it a great choice for someone genetically error-free. Everything — hair, makeup, color, accessories — is divine, and if I weren’t about to go drown my abs’ sorrows in a sandwich, I’d probably give up carbs after seeing this. (Well, no. That wouldn’t happen. But I’d talk about it for a few hours.)

Here is Nina the night before:

I like this a lot, too (it’s Matthew Williamson, and the other is Elie Saab). The whole look is a smart departure from how she looked at the SAGs themselves — that was very sleek and sophisticated and adult, and this is a lot looser and girlier and younger, without being immature. If we had Well Played Madness, she’d have a very good seed. (But we don’t, because that would burn us out. Sorry, Nice Clothes Of The World. Just trust us that we appreciate you.)

[Photos: Getty]