Fug or Fine: Zosia Mamet


This is what I call an ellipsis dress — the kind of thing I’m struggling to put words to, because it seems almost aggressively to be avoiding anything that would cause a person to form an opinion about it.

It’s… better? And… vintage-y, in a way that seems to fit her preferences? But also kind of… meh, and maybe her hair is under the impression that they’re at the gym? So I can’t in fairness suggest this is Fug or Fab, especially because the cummerbund just makes me think of outdated feminine hygiene contraptions. Whether it suffices on the merits of not being wretched, though, I will let you decide.

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[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Nanny

    Best I’ve ever seen her, still terrible.

  2.  Miriam

    Bracelet, check. Lipstick, check. Center hair part, check. Depressive visage, check. Same old same.

  3.  Billie

    Those shoes are hideous. If she swapped those out for something less clunky and in color, I may like it. It also NAN (needs a necklace)

  4. Diane

    She’s wearing a bracelet!

  5. LoriK

    This looks like the sad crap the girls in choir used to have to wear for our high school musical performances. I was in band, so I wore a different kind of sad, but I recall very well how much my friends in choir hated being forced to dress like this. And here Zosia is, wearing it voluntarily, for no good reason whatsoever.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m now officially done with this woman.

  6. steen

    Zosia, if you were my friend, I would sit you down and tell you–please, part your hair on the side!

    • holly

      and take her to get her eyebrows waxed! I’m ok with big strong brows, as long as they are wrangled.

  7. Goldfish

    This is the uniform for a middle school chorus. She is an alto, and so wears black with a white belt. The sopranos wear white with black belts.

    Such an outfit cannot double as red carpet attire.

  8.  ErinG

    I can’t tell (even in the full size) what’s actually going on, but that center seam/pleat on the bottom part makes it look like pants, with one palazzo leg and one cigarette leg. I’m fairly sure its just an illusion, but if that’s the case… a) it should not happen, but b) i could easily see her of all people wearing it.

  9. Carol

    I voted “acceptable” only because it’s an improvement over her usual attire … and that’s not a compliment.

  10. Maria L.

    She scares me.

  11. Christine

    If her hair was parted on the side and she would SMILE! I think this would be an easy fab.

    But, as is, it’s a definite MEH. No clue what the girl is thinking. And she’s by far my favorite character on Girls so such a bummer to see her looking so down all the time!

  12. Big Noise

    Good GOD, could she smile occasionally?

    • Goldfish

      What worries me is that she is consciously doing it, like trying to parlay it into her “persona.” If a publicist came up with this for her as a strategy, I need that publicist to go back to working her previous, buzz-creating magic with Liberty Ross.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Oh dear… I actually literally don’t remember who that is. I know I saw the name around for a while, and… that’s all I’ve got.

        So, good point, Goldfish.

  13. Donna

    It’s sort of like monochrome, no frills, Geisha territory. I applaud the red lipstick, though. Imagine this whole ensemble without it!

  14. claire1

    It looks like one of my least favorite costumes for any “period” show ever…. the ones we have in the back of the costume room in 12 different sizes that we can slap on someone whether they’re in the ensemble for 42nd Street or a minor character in Jane Eyre.

    • perletwo

      I was just about to say she always looks like something out of a Bronte novel, no matter what she wears.

  15. Debra

    i think she dresses the way she does because she thinks she is the smartest one in the room and therefore doesnt have to care how she looks…she is nothing if not consistent in that she always looks awful so props for that…

    • Rowynn

      You know, I think if you actually ARE the smartest person in the room, you don’t need, or want, to hit everyone over the head with the fact. It’s only when you’re afraid others won’t know it that you try to call attention to it. Also, I’m not so sure being smart equates with choosing horrible clothes and looking unattractive.

  16.  Noodle

    If I take her head and her feet out of the equation, I think it is lovely. If I put her head and feet back in, it comes off as aggressively plain and scowly.

    Also, I think that is three GFY references to menstrual belts – something I didn’t know actually existed outside of Judy Blume novels – in the last two-ish weeks!

    • HelenBackAgain

      They’re making a comeback. Much more secure than adhesive stickum.

      I doubt I could stand to wear one myself, but I do see the advantages.

      •  ohsohappy

        LOL NO! There are NO advantages! Trust me. Adhesive stickum came along precisely 3 months too late for me to have avoided those horrible things all together. Three months is all it took to scar my mind forever.

  17. Milaxx

    It’s like she is so aggressively trying to be unattractive that I just yell at every picture of her on the red carpet “GO HOME, STOP SHARING YOUR MISERY WITH THE WORLD!”

  18.  Carolina Girl

    I simply do not understand this young woman. Her mother is Lindsay Crouse and her father is David Mamet. That is a seriously deep theatrical gene pool and yet she can’t even ACT happy. I’ve seen other photos of her where she was quite attractive but they were all when she was smiling and not so severely dressed and styled.
    She needs to get a stylist STAT!

  19. Sue

    Oh Zosia, it’s SO BRAVE of you to take such pains to look and dress so unattractively.

    Cue hard, slow, deliberate hand claps.

  20. Mina

    That sash makes it look like her dress is wearing men’s underwear.

  21. Vi

    Her skin is AMAZING!!! Why she wears such unflattering clothing choices is beyond me!
    Someone in her inner circle should show her how easy it is to part her hair on the SIDE!!!!!

    • Lucasta

      There is a picture of her with her hair parted just slightly on the side on this very site from a week or two back and she looked 137% better than she normally does. I think she may have even had a slight smile. THE PHOTOGRAPHER MUST HAVE CAUGHT HER OFF GUARD.

  22. Mongerel

    I am turning cartwheels over here. I think she looks great! Just enough eyeliner, tinted sunscreen, bold lipstick – very nice makeup job. I love the crisp black and white contrast, the fabric drapes beautifully and the shape is quite flattering. I like the shoes too, spectator style, from what I can make out. The ponytail may be a little messy, but how many times have we pointed out that a ponytail would have been a preferable style compared to what some ladies choose, eh? The only thing she did wrong was pile on a bunch of rings.

  23. Mongerel


  24. H.C.

    Acceptable, but grading on the Zosia curve. Is she doing the Ginnifer Goodwin thing where she just won’t smile in front of cameras? (Perhaps even actively looking zombie-ish)

  25. Chris P

    1) At least it can’t be confused with a shirt.

    2) At least this gives her a waist.

    3) AT LEAST SHE ISN’T WEARING HIDEOUS FLATS. Seriously, that’s the big thing – I don’t hate her shoes, and I almost ALWAYS hate her shoes.

    I’m giving this a “well played…for Zosia.” Yes, this outfit is Satinic, yes, she’s doing what she always does, but it’s a start.

    Also, I think this might be a jumpsuit. Prove me wrong (please).

    • HelenBackAgain

      It’s a jumpsuit.


      • Chris P

        So I saw.

        I’m extremely conflicted because while it IS a palazzo jumpsuit, she also doesn’t look as diabolically heinous as she usually does. Although, if a palazzo jumpsuit is an UPGRADE, you might want to look into your life choices.

  26. proudmary

    oh come on, this is so much better than her usual weirdness that you can’t help but be pleased. Her face looks great (I don’t even mind the scowl for once) and the dress is at least flattering, is not a shapeless mini , and is not made from upholstery. who can complain?

    • Ericajeanine

      I think she looks fine. Not everyone wants to set the fashion world ablaze, and that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with her wearing what SHE likes and what SHE feels comfortable in.

  27. HelenBackAgain

    I did not know that her mother was Lindsay Crouse. I love her! Always good in everything.

  28.  Laucie

    She always looks as if she thinks she’s doing us a favor by showing up at these events. Same old fug, even if she did change her shoes. If it’s such an effort to comb her hair and fake a smile, she probably should stay home where she wouldn’t be so burdened.

  29. cath

    I think it’s the sleeves that won me over. The whole bodice part has this drapey, romantic 1930s thing that I just love. I would love to see it with softer hair.

  30. Edith

    I honestly think this is the best she’s ever looksed. Though I will not be happy until she gets a real haircut.

  31. TonyG

    Grading strictly on a Zosian curve, this is a fab for Hum Ho Lady Mamet-lade.

  32. Simone

    Nice Princess Bride reference

  33. Sweetsinger

    Now SMILE!

  34. dee

    It may very well be “vintage-y, in a way that seems to fit her preferences”, but really…her preferences suck.

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