This is what I call an ellipsis dress — the kind of thing I’m struggling to put words to, because it seems almost aggressively to be avoiding anything that would cause a person to form an opinion about it.

It’s… better? And… vintage-y, in a way that seems to fit her preferences? But also kind of… meh, and maybe her hair is under the impression that they’re at the gym? So I can’t in fairness suggest this is Fug or Fab, especially because the cummerbund just makes me think of outdated feminine hygiene contraptions. Whether it suffices on the merits of not being wretched, though, I will let you decide.

Truth time:

  • It's actually quite lovely (15%, 632 Votes)
  • It's acceptable (47%, 1,995 Votes)
  • It's DEAD TO ME. (38%, 1,629 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,254

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[Photo: WENN]

Tags: Zosia Mamet