A brief break in the fugging to let you know that our first young adult novel, SPOILED, is today’s Kindle Daily Find on Amazon! This is very exciting, and not only because it means that you can buy it today for your Kindle for $1.99. That is a deal, you guys. That’s less than a sandwich. That’s less than the three Diet Cokes you will drink while you’re reading it! (Apparently, it’s also on sale for your Nook! And on iBooks!)

So if you’ve been thinking, “I sure wish there was a book I could download to read this weekend that had crazy celebrity shenanigans, terrible boy bands, dreamy guitar players, secrets, lies, tabloids, a horse named Mr. Pickles, sister pitted against sister, drama club scandals, accidental drunkenness, and a secondary character named after a lettuce, but I also wish it could be priced under two dollars,” then you just got lucky. Get over to Amazon and snap it up now — this is a One Day Only type thing. Kirkus Reviews called it “obsessively readable, smartly subversive,” and now it’s also a bargain. Happy reading!