We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since The Royal We came out. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so kind about the book — we are so appreciative of all your support and enthusiasm. And if you’ve been waiting for the paperback, we have good news: It comes out in paperback one month from tomorrow (April 26).

The paperback — as is common these days — does have a new cover, so if you were married to the old one (no pun intended), grab the hardcover while you still can.  If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to be looking for at your local bookstore, or at your local Target (yes, the book will be in Target, which is super-exciting for us), here’s the redesign:

Yes, those words there are correct. There is a bonus chapter. When our publisher approached us about adding new content for the paperback, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: Rather than extend the plot, we wanted to take a look at a particular event in the book from a different character’s perspective. And we chose… drum roll please… Freddie. He’s off-camera, so to speak, for portions of The Royal We, and now if you desire you can read about what he went through during one such period of time. I SHALL SAY NO MORE. But it was such a treat to dig back into this world. If you bought the e-book, it SHOULD automatically update with the bonus chapter. If you bought the hardback, we cannot thank you enough for that support, and are truly, genuinely, gut-wrenchingly sorry we can’t go back in time and stick the bonus chapter in there (WHERE IS OUR DELOREAN?!?). If the bonus material ever becomes available another way — and we have made some suggestions in this regard, but it’s not our call — then you will be the first to know.

And if you bought NONE of them but are curious because Lauren Graham (!) optioned it and is developing it as a movie that would star Mae Whitman (!!), OR you bought the hardback but are a completist and want Cover 2.0, then here is how to get it:

You can walk into your local Target on or after April 26, which is SO FREAKING EXCITING to us; Heather has a huge Target near her and she cannot wait to go in there and be That Creepy Author Who Hovers.

– You can pre-order the paperback from Amazon.

– You can pre-order it from Barnes & Noble.

– You can pre-order it from IndieBound.

Also, should you desire, you can order the large-print hardback from Target. It doesn’t have the bonus material, but it DOES have big fonty action.

And while I’ve got you:

If you are wondering, “What is this book all about???” I shall direct you to this page, which has much info for you, as well as a variety of lovely blurbs, from People to The New York Times. In short, girl meets prince, they fall in crazy, imperfect love, and things get complicated. We are biased, but we think you will love it.

In other news, we’re going to be appearing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books again this year. The FoB takes place on the USC campus, and if you’re local, we’d love to see you. We will be doing two events:

On Saturday, April 9, at 2 p.m., we will be doing a signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#368). They’ll have The Royal We available for purchase (they might also have our YA books; I’m actually not sure at the moment), but you can also just pop buy and say hello and have us sign a copy you’ve previously bought. Or just come say hello! We will be delighted to see you.

On Sunday, April 10, at 3 p.m., we’ll be on a panel at the Norris Theater. It’s called “Fiction: The Game of Life,” and also features fellow authors Sara Benincasa and E. Katherine Kottaras, and will be moderated by none other than our friend and fellow TWoP alum Pamela Ribon. It’ll be a mini-reunion! Come out and ask us tons of questions. If you can’t make the panel, you can definitely come to the signing afterward. It will be at signing area 5, probably around 4 p.m. If you have questions on the day of, you can always reach us on Twitter.

(Heather and I have also been discussing the possibility of doing another event in aid of the paperback, but nothing has been decided yet, so stay tuned.)

Once again, Heather and I cannot thank you enough about your wonderful support of this book, and of us. We hope we get to thank you in person!