So, this Royals Round-Up is tonally rather varied, as it contains both a truly amazing ballgown from Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi, but also Queen Mathilde and King Philippe making an appearance in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terrible events in Brussels, which is obviously quite sobering and sad. I know that at least a few of our readers hail from Belgium, and I hope it goes without saying that we hope you and yours are okay, and we are thinking of you with love.

In case you missed it on Wednesday, we had AMPLE coverage of Prince Harry’s trip to Nepal.

And, elsewhere:

– You know that ITV documentary they’re airing about the Queen? From Berkshire to Buckingham did yeoman’s work to bring us snaps of Kate in a dress I personally have been dying to see. (Also, the clips for this doc make me laugh. OF COURSE everyone is like, “oh, the Queen. She’s so wonderful. She’s so welcoming. She’s a treasure.”  Which, I am sure she is a treasure — I personally treasure her! — but Kate can hardly sit down, light a cigarette and tell the producers, “honestly, I’m terrified of her.”)

Hello! also has an excerpt from the documentary, courtesy of Sophie Wessex, which is quite diverting.

– The Court Jeweller takes a look at one of my favorite tiaras.

– Prince Albert called up People to tell them that the twins are talking now.

– I really liked the Royal Hats blog’s flashback this week.

– ACK the new pictures of baby Prince Oscar are SOOOO CUTE. (People)

– This is…well, just look at it:

– William is apparently in Kenya? WHO KNEW. Oh, wait. I did. He’s there for his ex Jecca Craig’s wedding, which is being held at the ranch where he and Kate got engaged. (Kate didn’t go.) Anyway, he popped in to see the President of Kenya while he’s there for the weekend: