Fug or Fine: Shenae Grimes


I admit, my first instinct here is to say no.

But I understand that colorful pants are Having a Moment, and so even though the croppedness of the leather shirt might not be quite right and I am not convinced about the shoes, I figure I will show Shenae some mercy here and put her up to a vote. I mean, her hair looks great. She looks healthy. It’s the cropped leg garden I’m really least sure of — am I just being stodgy and unyielding to what the kids are doing, or should these have stayed in 1991 where they really didn’t entirely belong the first time either?

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  1. hfree

    I think this would have worked much better with different shoes. I don’t hate the pants or the top, but the shoes are all wrong. They’re too heavy looking.

  2. Natalie

    It makes me feel old and sad to think she was 2 in 1991.

  3. Emily

    Those pants remind me of a flowery bodysuit I wore with a white lace vest…in about 1993, when I was 8 years old! But I really don’t mind them much. Hopefully bodysuits won’t try to come back.

  4. tarasaurusrex

    I JUST. WANT. TO GIVE HER. ACCESSORIES. That’s all I want.

  5. theotherjennifer

    she really does have potential. Those pants are cute – that shirt is heinous pleather? and her hair is pretty good. so…C+

  6. lisas

    She really should be wearing Doc Martens.

  7. Molly

    If the shirt were lace, this is something Brenda totally would have worn on the original 90201 … with different shoes. Shanae is very pretty, but I always forget how pretty she is because her outfits are inevitably distracting. Also, her hair is pretty, but it’s usually in her face in some way. I NEVER remember what she looks like, which perhaps is WHY she wears such ugly clothing. At least we remember it.

  8. Trace

    What is happening on her feet? Are those boots with a flower design on the toes??? Why would you design a shoe that make it look like you’re wearing socks and sandals??

  9. Amanda

    I’ve been scared to admit this because they are everywhere this Spring, but I hate flower print pants, and shorts. I should love them because I grew up in the 80′s-90′s. I’m sorry, I just think they look ridiculous, no matter what. NO.MATTER.WHAT. :) Shenae is gorgeous though.

    • Claire L

      I am NOT a fan of the flower print pants or shorts either. On anyone under the age of 10 yes….on anyone over the age of 65 ( who is on a cruise) sure….. but those magic years between….not so much.

  10. giggleswick

    I am not even going to apologize for this, but I love, love, love the shoes. If I knew what they are, I’d buy a pair today. The rest of the outfit, minus the hair, is meh. I guess marginally better than her usual.

    • Halo

      Me, too. The shoes are great, but I also think the outfit is fine. Not awesome, just fine.

  11. The Other Katherine

    Those pants look like something a younger Carmela Soprano would wear.

    Also: the shoes, my God, THE SHOES. Argh.

  12. ceecee

    The individual pieces are OK, but together they add up to Too Much.

  13. Softwear

    The pants are fine. It’s the leather shirt I take issue with. I mean…leather. Wuh.

  14. AM

    I sort of like the pants. (On a thin youg person, that is). I’d kinda like to change the shoes to some flats or some Keds and please, can crop tops go away forever?

  15. neiges

    I love everything except the shoes. Arrhghhh horrible, horrible shoes.

  16. KaTo

    I second the not liking flower pants/flower shorts things. They remind me of, in no particular order, the bedspread in my childhood room, my favorite leggings in 7th-8th grade (I wore the crap out of those things), the dress I hated that my Mom forced me to wear for school pictures one year, and the leggings worn in many a Baby Sitters Club exploit (most likely by Claudia or Stacey). I guess, what I’ms aying, is there are particular floral prints that are flat out dated to me (because I lived through it the first time), and thus, tranlate into twee and infantile.

    • Mair Mair

      Agreed. The older I get, the more of a problem this becomes, because I lived through pretty much everything that’s out there the first time (and sometimes, the second and third times). For a long time. I had a rule about not wearing anything that I wore the first time it was in style, but that seems increasingly unrealistic. So . . . flower print capri leggings, leather crop top and extremely weird variation on gladiator sandals, here I come!

  17. dvj

    Heather, I’m a little bit concerned for your mental wellbeing. You are loved for your critical eye and brilliant, occasionally cranky discourse. No mercy! No matter how much of a MOMENT something is having. If it’s horrible it’s horrible, and those are horrible, yet the least horrible aspect of the whole outfit.

  18. cynic

    The pants are the only thing I like about her outfit. The shoes and top are too heavy for the light, summery feel of the pants. The whole outfit chops her into bits. It’d be better with ballet flats and a different, lighter top.

    • Bdel

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      This combination looks like it’s trying to be quirky for quirkiness (it’s a word) sake. After a while it becomes tryingtoohard.

  19. Sajorina

    Ok, then I’ll say it… NO!!! But, all of a sudden I miss Contempo Casuals! [Insert sad emoticon here]

  20. jenny

    The SHOOOES, my eyes! For serious, those are the worst ever. I also saw a whole spread in People Style Whatever with floral pants. So I got the sadness out of my system then. (The Tiny Shorts McPocket Hangers and Floral Mc1991 Crops were in the same issue and it was enough to make me feel both out of touch and very glad to be out of touch.)

  21. Art Eclectic

    I had those leggings in 1991. Wore them to shreds. Although I missed the cropped leather top fad, somehow.

  22. vandalfan

    Love the shoes, and I could work with either the pants or the top but not the two together

  23. The Fugger

    …didn’t Donna Martin graduate before she was born?

    Also, the best/worst part is that this is a “B- in 23″ event, and in light of her supposed nickname, I find the backdrop horribly on-point.

  24. Oh, my.

    Didn’t Minka Kelly just wear this god-awful outfit? To some club opening? Ew.

  25. Guerra

    Hate the shoes!!

  26. Kat

    She’s so cute and young, I think she gets away with it. She needs bare ankles with those cropped pants, though, or her ankles just disappear. I’d swap those weird shoes out for brogues, making this outfit 90% 1991, 10% 2008. And it’s still not to be attempted by anyone old enough to *remember* 1991.

  27. Mal

    I think she needs a different top – maybe a white or black blouse that is longer? But fitted. and the shoes are just WRONG. Ballet flats would be cute.

  28. jca

    Are those shoes really sandals with block socks in them?
    Liking both the pants and the shirt – maybe not together – but I like. But the shoes sincerely looks like my daugthers sandals and she is five and they come in a bright yellow – and it is okay to have socks in your sandals when your have to fit in at the playground.

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