I admit, my first instinct here is to say no.

But I understand that colorful pants are Having a Moment, and so even though the croppedness of the leather shirt might not be quite right and I am not convinced about the shoes, I figure I will show Shenae some mercy here and put her up to a vote. I mean, her hair looks great. She looks healthy. It’s the cropped leg garden I’m really least sure of — am I just being stodgy and unyielding to what the kids are doing, or should these have stayed in 1991 where they really didn’t entirely belong the first time either?


  • Totally on-trend (8%, 616 Votes)
  • Totally on-trend... in a way that makes me sad (35%, 2,807 Votes)
  • 1991, baby. (43%, 3,429 Votes)
  • 1991, but then again, I LIKED 1991 (14%, 1,077 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,931

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