Every time I write about ScarJo now, I think about how she hates being called ScarJo. Personally, I think “ScarJo” is a very cute nickname, but I am a fan of kooky nicknames and Heather calls me “J.Mo” all the time. From your friends, they are a term of endearment. It’s not like we’re calling her BigHead Marblemouth, or something. That being said, I will punch you in the eyebrow if you call me “Jessie,” so I guess I have to let her choose her choice to hate it.

Let’s talk about Ms Johansson’s outfit:

Peplums ahoy! In general, I am actually not a huge fan of ScarJo —  huh. Seriously, she’s right. I actually am just too lazy not to use that. It’s because I ALWAYS have to look up how to spell “Johansson.” This is also why I call Matthew McConaughey “MattMcCon.”  Where was I? Oh, yes: I am the only person in the movie theater who groaned audibly when she popped up in the trailer for The Avengers.  I mean, listen, the rest of the movie? I am there. Joss Whedon? Yes. RDJ? Of course. Chris Evans? Remember how I used to Not Get Him? Well, I liked Captain America AND he was the only part of Scott Pilgrim that I enjoyed, so now I am in (YOU WERE RIGHT). Everyone loves Samuel L. Jackson, and eye-patches, and now he’s wearing one. Thor is hunky. Ruffalo is a rumpled dreamboat. Everyone enjoys them some Jeremy Renner. I actually even really like Gywnnie as Pepper Potts (I actually secretly tend to enjoy her as an actress). And then Scarlett Johannson pops up and I swear to the sweet lord of sandwiches, her body language in every single shot I’ve seen of that movie makes her look like she’s posing for her action figure. Ugh. I just don’t buy it.

THAT BEING SAID. I kind of like this dress. Although the neckline might be bizarro? Let’s look:

It’s like the Stealth Bomber had a baby with a prom dress.


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