I don’t think Charlize looks THAT amazing, and nor do I think Noomi looks that bad, but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture:

Charlize LITERALLY HAS A HALO.  I feel like if you’re Noomi Rapace, you’re thinking, “Sure, I am a groovy Swedish actress who once won something called the Guldbagge Award for best actress. Yes, I am dressed like a quirky character in an indie movie who is barely scraping by working as a Diane Keaton impersonator. I look like the sort of person you’d meet smoking outside a weird Parisian cafe, who’d say but few words to you, but you know those words could be life-changing. I can go right back to the hotel, take off my shoes, and go to sleep in this. Everyone knows now that I am clearly an impeccably neat eater. I am clearly awesome. AND YOU’RE MAKING ME STAND NEXT TO AMAZON CHARLIZE THERON WHO HAS A HALO AND LOOKS REALLY HAPPY AND IS WEARING A SUPER CUTE DRESS BUT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE SHE’S TRYING AT ALL. A HALO. I HATE YOU ALL. GULDBAGGE!!”