This picture encapsulates everything that is wrong about this outfit, as well as what is wrong with 90210 this season:

Google And T-Mobile Celebrate The Launch Of Google Music At Mr. Brainwash Studio In Los Angeles

It really says, “YIKES. Did that just happen? How are we supposed to get out of THIS ONE?” Because as terrible as this is — and it is terrible, like the worst of the 80s crashed into Kelly Taylor’s favorite bodysuit — it isn’t nearly as all over the place as 90210 is this season, which is a shame, given that last season was extremely entertaining. All of a sudden, people who were once amusingly evil are suddenly nice AND BORING; Navid is, for some reason, wearing Jerry’s hair from the Seinfeld episode where he’s forced to use a low-flow shower head;  someone accidentally bought a bar where everyone drinks beer despite the fact that EVERYONE involved is under 21; and Dixon has fully turned into David Silver. The only bright spot is Drunkface, who remains hilarious. In fact, I kind of wish she’d pop up to weigh in on this.

[Photo: Getty]