Fug or Fab: Rinko Kikuchi (With Bonus Idris Elba)


First of all, I just said to Heather, “I wish my LIFE had Bonus Idris Elba.” If you ever watched The Hour on BBC America, you probably saw him playing Laura Linney On Masterpiece Theatre for them, with the bonus that he also kind of chatted about whatever happened on the previous week’s episode as he introduced the new one. I want to be living a life where sometimes Idris Elba pops up and reminds me what I’ve been up to and what I need to remember, like, “last week, you had that gypsy curse removed. Also, you’re out of toilet paper and you owe the library over five dollars in fines.”

Second, as I always say about Rinko, I wish she was in EVERYTHING, because she never shows up wearing, like, a black sheath dress. And obviously I love a good LBD, but you have to appreciate a woman who never fails to bring the drama. And this short, dark hair is really chic on her.

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  1. qwertygirl

    Mostly I just want a snack.

  2. Anissa

    Better shoes would make all the difference!

    • Mahogany A.

      I agree. I could wear those shoes to my nine to five job. However I’m mostly in the middle about this look. One one hand, she working it and on the other hand, I haven’t seen dual thigh high slits since Xena Warrior Princess.

      • julyol1972

        That dress is screaming for a pair of ankle or semi-calf booties to balance the high slits. This echoes the problems that I had with her previous premiere looks which is that I’ve loved the dresses, but the shoes were all wrong.

        • Hannah

          Agreed, but i would vote for a metallic strappy heel.

          And do a dramatic purple/blue/green/something eye instead of the lip to pick up the lining of the dress.

  3. Lucille Austero

    Can we have another option? Whatever. I’m kinda busy looking at Idris Elba.

  4. Lucille Austero

    Can we have another option, please? Along the lines of, Whatever. I’m kinda busy looking at Idris Elba.

  5. Rachael

    That the dress is not low-cut helps — you can’t be showing that much and ALSO have your cleavage on full display. So she’s got that much going for her. I don’t know, though. It seems a bit . . . heavy-looking(?), maybe, for summer? Maybe it’s not summer where she is, but it’s summer and humid and god-awful sticky and hot where I am, and it looks heavy and blegh to me. Not bad, just — can I have a snack, now?

  6. Stefanie

    Pretty! And I love the lining but it wouldnt break my heart if it only had one slit.

    Anywhooo, snacks?

  7. Petrova Fossil

    First Wallace and now Stringer! Can we have McNulty and the “dapper insouciance” of Buck Moreland next?

  8. Reg

    I am just happy about Charlie Day making an appearance on GFY. So happy! And the amazing Idris Alba. Was there a dress involved?…. Whatever, looks at Charlie and Idris! Yum

    • JENNY

      Agreed! I love Idris, but if I see this movie it’s because of Charlie Day :)

      • CakesOnAPlane

        Totally. Why doesn’t Charlie get “bonus” status? I’d totally love to have a life with Bonus Charlie Day or even Bonus Charlie Kelley, where he just follows me around and utters quotables like “Cat stuck in your wall? Now you’re speaking my language.”

    • kathotdog

      I will see any Giullermo Del Toro film, but I am especially thrilled for Charlie Day and Idris Elba.
      Also, early AbFab episode when Patsy and Edina get some young men for a little bit of fun…Young Idris Elba. Season 3 Episode 1: Sex

      • Claire1

        Giullermo Del Toro is the ONLY one I will change my “all comedies all the time” rule when it comes to movies.
        I adore him.
        His films are amazing…but I love HIM…he loves what he does, he loves what other directors do, he loves his fans, he loves his family, he is love!!

  9. Torie

    …and I want the snack to be Idris…yummy!

  10. luvthefuggers

    I want to like it, but it’s just too loin-clothy. I don’t like the way the middle panel is too wide or something at her hips. But I think she works it.

  11. Sandra

    I would like a chance to look at MY life and MY choices and have a do-over on the parts where my decisions led to a lack of Idris Elba in my daily existence.

  12. schadenfreudelicious

    there was someone other than Luther in the pics.????…..

  13. Elle

    Please ma’am, may I have MORE Idris ? She looks adorable.

  14. Elbyem

    When this site last posted a pic of Ms. Kikuchi, I posted the question “wither Idris Elba?” and lo and behold – the Fug Girls answered my prayers.

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think she looks brilliant- embracing her ethnicity in a modern way and she hasn’t resorted to lip filler.

    And Idris is gorgeous. More films needed where he discards clothing.

  16. Sajorina

    I don’t like turtlenecks, but I think she’s working it! And the lilac lining is so pretty… I love it on her!

  17. HelenBackAgain

    I think all three of them look terrific!

  18. Marie

    What do I think? Rinko-schminko – All I see is Idris! why is he not the next BOND??

  19. jean

    I love the last slide and her very real smile. That was kind of delightful. The double slits seem too risky, but she seems to be managing it. I wonder if the jewels helped weigh down the fabric so it wouldn’t float too much?

  20. Katharine

    I don’t like the dress, and with her legs poking out of it she looks like a WWII veteran’s naughty burlesque medal shadowbox. I guess I don’t hate it; she looks sweet and happy and nothing is transparent — but that dress is not doing it for me, at all.

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