First of all, I just said to Heather, “I wish my LIFE had Bonus Idris Elba.” If you ever watched The Hour on BBC America, you probably saw him playing Laura Linney On Masterpiece Theatre for them, with the bonus that he also kind of chatted about whatever happened on the previous week’s episode as he introduced the new one. I want to be living a life where sometimes Idris Elba pops up and reminds me what I’ve been up to and what I need to remember, like, “last week, you had that gypsy curse removed. Also, you’re out of toilet paper and you owe the library over five dollars in fines.”

Second, as I always say about Rinko, I wish she was in EVERYTHING, because she never shows up wearing, like, a black sheath dress. And obviously I love a good LBD, but you have to appreciate a woman who never fails to bring the drama. And this short, dark hair is really chic on her.

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