Fug or Fab: Kristen Bell


First of all, I’d like to thank Official Dreamboat Matt Bomer for so helpfully posing with Kristen so we could see the back of her dress:

Second, I can’t believe her new show is actually called Hou$e of Lie$. Did we learn nothing from Num3ers? It’s really ANNOYING to have non-letter letters in your show title. Thirdly: I am stoked for Kristen Bell that she’s on a show on Showtime. Girlfriend deserves to have a bitchin’ new gig after making all of us sit through When In Rome whilst on airplanes. She’s appealing to the smarty pants crowd, and I’m excited by the idea of her NOT making cruddy rom-coms (that, OKAY, I have seen several times on basic cable LEAVE ME ALONE) and instead being on (hopefully clever) TV shows with hot people like Don Cheadle.  Let’s raise a Diet Coke to her, and then actually look at her dress when not obstructed by a hottie in glasses and a vest:

I loved this when she wore it for her long program in the last Olympics.

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  1. bambi_beth

    Want. Shoes.

  2. Amanda

    Super cute, except for the shoes. Hate the shoes.

  3. ladyd

    While yes, illusion netting and sequins are very ice skater, I find this adorable, and am heartened that whoever is dressing her apparently still knows remembers their lessons from the Rachel Bilson school of non-stumpifying tiny actresses.

    (Although this would need far more material in the skirt if it were an actual skating dress. So wouldn’t flow right.)

  4. Karen

    I get the ice-skater slam, but I think she looks ADORABLE. And it’s one of the few shots of her you’ve posted where the dress just wonderfully enhances her natural adorability.

    That is NOT a good photo of Matt Bomer, but I will unconditionally support his Official Dreamboat status. There are times, when I’m watching “White Collar,” when I have to simply pause and recover from the impact of his extraordinary loveliness.

    • Miranda

      It is possible that I have given standing ovations to the Gratuitous Shirtless shots. Although, really, he should just go around in tailored suits and jaunty hats all the time. He works that look so good.

      • Kat

        I am in literal pain over the fact that he is gay. I mean, love him, love the gay community… it just makes me crazy jealous! Oh, and KBell looks awesome. Well, her hair is kind of stringy, but those shoes are amazing and I think they ground the look very well.

  5. Kate

    For some reason the only part the bothers me is the skirting at the bottom. I don’t know why

    • gladly

      No, I get it. It’s that tiny little skirt part that kept me from clicking the unreserved “love it” option (even though I’m on record as hating illusion netting). She looks adorable in this, and if there was just less “flounce” to the hemline, I’d love the whole thing.

      • Jessica

        That is actually how I also felt. I just want to slice that off. I do like the shoes.

    • Claire L

      Yey! I’m not the only one. I think I would love it if it were fitted all the way and maybe just a touch ( an inch or so) longer….

      • taylor

        I agree, too. There’s something just a tad off on the fitting, especially at the waist. I mean, I get the baby-doll dress look, but for some reason it isn’t quite working for me with this particular fabric.

  6. Jasmine

    I love love love it. I don’t think the shoes and the dress quite go together, but separate they are both STUPID cute. I would fight her for those shoes if they were guaranteed to fit me, which they wouldn’t because she is a wee pixie.

    She looks fab and I just love her even more for getting to squeeze Matt Bomer. Droooooool.

  7. Gigi

    Why are hoof-shoes so popular these days? They’re so ubiquitous that I can’t even say good or bad.

    The flounce at the bottom of the dress needs to go. Add a couple of inches and we’re in business. Her headsuit looks really good and that is more than half the battle.

  8. Stefanie

    I like it. I would like it better without the little ruffle at the bottom but whatever.

    *sighhhh* I love When in Rome. Legit LOVE it. I have terrible taste, I know.

  9. Aria

    Love it! She looks so cute, her legs look great, so even though I get the ice skater comparison, I can get over it. Did she marry that comedian guy or is she dating dude in photo?

  10. megs283

    I think it would be super cute if it were just a bit longer.

  11. Crystal

    Yes, it’s very Ice Capades. But it’s Kristen Bell, and as much as she laments always looking young, the dress is cute b/c it’s her.

    Is Ke$ha singing the theme song to her show?

  12. Emily

    I would like it if the sequins were all over, instead of just that stripe down the middle. Reminds me of a guy’s “treasure trail”.

    • Ares

      Between the beading or sequins or whatever down the front and on the back, it reminds me kind of one of those toys where you play with magnets to draw facial hair with iron filings. There’s something about this that is oddly hairy to me.

      And the shoes have got to go. I’m not a fan of leg-shackles to begin with, but they don’t remotely go with the dress.

  13. Kitty

    I’ll take Olympian of the Ice Castles to her former job as Mayor of Stumpytown.

    Proportions are good, there are sparkles and her hair is shiny. It’s enough for the Bronze.

  14. Elfrieda

    Scrolldown fug. If it were just a top with a black skirt, or a long gown, I think it would work for me, but as is it’s too short and, yes, ice-skatery.

  15. Lina

    Oh, man. I was all about to flail in amazement over her people finding her couture in a petite size, since she’s an inch taller than me and schmancy dresses are NEVER offered in petite sizes. Turns out the hem of the runway version falls about an inch below the model’s netherbits, so it isn’t petite at all. It’s just an incredibly short dress that comes to normal length on tiny women like us. Drat.

  16. R

    No, no…no!

    And like what Bomer is wearing but he needs to tell those stylists to LEAVE him alone with that make up!? He is one of the few Hollywood guys who looks BETTER without make up! And scruffy!

  17. Andrew S.

    BB needs an earring, but is otherwise fine

  18. Evalyn

    This is actually not bad (look, sparkles!) but could be improved with:
    1. pants, OR
    2. longer length, BUT
    3. in either case, loose the skates.

  19. tilda

    Love her look and my god he is the most perfect example of our species! I think I read they went to high school together.

    • Karen

      Bomer’s IMDb entry doesn’t say anything about Bell, but it does say he went to high school with Lee Pace.

      Lee Pace and Matt Bomer in the same high school. I cannot even cope.

      • Breda

        I KNOW. It makes me sad that a) I’m not from Texas, and b) that they’re enough older than me that we’d never have been in school together, so actually I’ll also take the not being from Texas part. (No offense, Texans. I was in Houston for a week and it was lovely, if alarmingly treeless. I just really love New England.)

      • Sajorina

        Me neither, Karen! Matt Bomer & Lee Pace together in school… OMG!!!

  20. Jael

    Dress: illusion netting + ruffles = oh honey no. House of Lies: equally atrocious, sorry. The pilot is on YouTube (with lots of floating squares to cover up the things Showtime can show that YT cannot) and KB has not yet found a show worthy of her talents, to say the least.

  21. Peri

    I know that this is about her dress, but can’t we just focus on how cute Matt looks!!! in that shot, i am not looking at her dress at all!

  22. Lilja

    It needs to be longer and lose the ruffles on the bottom. She also has that expression like she just wet her panties.

  23. theotherjennifer

    I only give the shoes a pass because the toe kick has matching sparkles? I wish the dress her slightly longer – it’s a little twee IMO. But love the sparkly and she does look cute. Overall and 8.9 from the US Judge

  24. heironyms.

    If it were longer, I’d love it, but that particular length is flattering on so few people. It seems tailor-made for emphasizing front-thigh bulges.

  25. Beth

    Let’s just settle this, shall we? Is there anything really WRONG with figure skating? Some of their costumes are quite pretty.

    Oh, Matt Bomer. *Sigh*

  26. Kris

    Matt Bomer :)

  27. bluesabriel

    I’m sorry, I can’t focus on the dress even when Matt Bomer isn’t in the picture. Such is the power of his hotness on me.

  28. vandalfan

    Clark Kent there is super, man. I like her look from the hair to the beginning of the hem ruffle flounce, then it goes all sideways. Hoof shoe- faux oxfords, huh? If those clod-hopper must be worn at all, they can go with the Micky Mouse pants Misha wore the other day.

    And I always mistake her for Lauralee Kristen Bell, our favorite Young and Restless ingenue, Cricket Baldwin. There are distinct similarities.

  29. Melissa

    When In Rome: way more watchable than I thought it would be.

  30. LG

    Sequins on dress: full speed ahead.
    Beads on dress: proceed with caution.
    Sequins on illusion netting: pump your brakes, kid.
    Beads on illusion netting: REVERSE!

  31. EAG46

    Considering in the Fug Girls’ book that Ms. Bell got picked on for swearing stuff that made her look short, at least this dress shows off her legs. I don’t like the color; I think they were trying for silver or pewter but it ends up looking like Rainy Day Gray. As for the beads and illusion netting: Itchy!

  32. Cassie

    It’s just okay. At least she isn’t stumpifying herself anymore. Plus, posing with Matt Bomer can only help matters, amirite?

    And I’m happy that K. Bell here has gotten herself a new TV gig – no matter how many crappy movies she makes I will always love her as Veronica Mars. Television is definitely her medium.

  33. thereset

    did you ladies watch her on veronica mars? LOVE. as i do this dress.

  34. Travis Harrison Lafferty

    I like it. But I would LOVE it if it were a floor length gown at a red carpet event with a pretty updo and some glamorous make up. Then again, maybe I just watch too much Rupaul’s Drag Race.

  35. yeahandalso

    it is a bit ice-dancey for my taste, but she is like 2 feet tall so I give her an A-

    Is that really Matt Bomer? He should have played Superman because I do not recognize that Clark Kent looking fellow with Kristen. (Sidebar, do you think a gay superman would have gotten more or less complaints than the British one they went with?)

  36. wowee

    well matt is a better actor and hotter so likely less complaints but for anyone who uses their head an actors personal life should not matter

  37. wowee

    and many think matt and henry have much in common in that respect

  38. Sheba

    Why isn’t Matt Bomer an option to vote for!?!

  39. Cristina

    I kind of hate it, but if Diane Kruger wore it, I think I’d be singing a different tune!

  40. Jules

    I agree with Ares. It looks hairy to me.

  41. VanDee

    She’s getting away with it. I thought that dude was Brian Austin Green. Separated at birth?

  42. daryl

    i think the dress should be longer, about to the top of her knees

  43. Jules

    She made a dress out of Wooly Willy.

  44. Jules

    Lol! What?
    My alter ego agrees with me…

  45. Sajorina

    I LOVE THE DRESS!!! I like the shoes, even though they look painful to wear! And, I LOVE MATT BOMER!!!

  46. ChaChaHeels

    Yes, the dress is a costume, yes the shoes are an interesting choice for a pairing, but all of it together looks fantastic on Kristin’s petite frame. Normally the illusion netting stuff looks ridiculous on everyone but here, because it is jewelled, and because the dress is made to be sparkling and “fun”, it suits her to a T. The shoes, too, are fantastic with it and they turn the look away from “ice dancer” to 1920′s flapper doll. It’s not easy for her to look good, even though she’s a gorgeous girl; most of the clothes she’s photographed in look misproportioned or the wrong colour/length/shape/idea but this is perfect. It’s such a pretty, festive, and flattering look for her I actually didn’t notice Matt Bomer at all. But then again, I don’t know who he is, and seeing her look this good is that much of a nice surprise.

  47. The Other Katherine

    Matt Bomer IS an Official Dreamboat. But I thought he was taller…? Ah, television.

  48. jimmychoogirl

    I met Matt and he is dream and he is just about under 6 feet. I think. I am 5.7 plus heels and he towered over me

  49. Susan

    I have an irrational hatred of Matt Bomer since he played Bryce Larkin on Chuck. No one gets between Sarah and Chuck – no one. Of course since I haven’t watched Chuck since season two maybe my opinions don’t quite count.

    For Kristen Bell, I have to say that the mini pic for my blog feed made me think of the bodysuit Britney wears in Toxic.

  50. jean

    The thing is, she really is super small. Petite, tiny, and snappy (snarky snappy, not old grumpy woman snappy). She’s genuinely snappy. So I think she can pull this off AND do a triple axle.

    And she and Cheadle …that’s just a breathtaking combo. I can’t wait to see them play off each other. He’ll be the snide, cynical “uncle”, she’ll be the sassy, cynical niece and it will be heaven because they’ll both be really smart, but he’ll be just tad smarter, but appreciate her attempts to one up him. Kristen Bell is meant to play off older men. She was amazing with Val Kilmer in Spartan and she’s only in the last third of the movie. I want to see her with Downey, Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, Clooney. Not for romances, but as that irritatingly competent younger generation woman who makes them feel oh so slightly that the next generation might just be scary smart.

    And I’m sure her clothes on the show will be cute.

  51. abby

    figure skate much?