RACHEL: So this is it. We’re here. Posing. As a couple.

DANIEL: Next it will be raining bullfrogs.

RACHEL: How are we doing, do you think?

DANIEL: Well, you are beautiful, obviously. And your figure is resplendent.

RACHEL: Smooth talker. My dress isn’t a bit much, is it, with the neck frills and the ruffle?

DANIEL: Maybe? And my suit isn’t too beige, is it?

RACHEL: Maybe?

DANIEL: But we’re smiling.

RACHEL: And we’re giving the people what they want.

DANIEL: And we’re both incredibly good-looking.

RACHEL: Amen to that. So I think people will be pleased.

DANIEL: I am pleased. If they’re not, pooh to them, with knobs on.

RACHEL: Darling. Nobody says that.

DANIEL: They do now.

RACHEL: Fair enough. Now let’s go find a limo and see how fast you can get this belt off.

DANIEL: I’m James Bond, darling. I can name that tune in two.

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