BLAKE: Hey, Bey!


BLAKE: Actually, I played Serena!

BEYONCE: But your actual name starts with a B!

BLAKE: Oh! That’s needlessly confusing!

BEYONCE: Don’t question my methods!

BLAKE: I mean it’s brilliant!

BEYONCE: Correct! Bey the way, I notice you are cleaving out!

BLAKE: Yes! Because in case you haven’t noticed, these are fantastic!

BEYONCE: My rider says nobody can flash the boobeys except for me!

BLAKE: I didn’t get that memo!

BEYONCE: A likely story! Get them out of here or I will bey you DOWN!

BLAKE: OMG, The Beygency is real! I’d better not blurt out that I don’t really like your jumpsuit! Oh, shit, I said that out loud!

BEYONCE: BEYDAY! BEYDAY! WE HAVE A RED ALERT.You have a ten second head start, and then you’d better beylieve that if I catch you I will make you REPENT!

BLAKE: Sigh, it was so pleasant up until then.

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