First of all, I’d like to thank Official Dreamboat Matt Bomer for so helpfully posing with Kristen so we could see the back of her dress:

Second, I can’t believe her new show is actually called Hou$e of Lie$. Did we learn nothing from Num3ers? It’s really ANNOYING to have non-letter letters in your show title. Thirdly: I am stoked for Kristen Bell that she’s on a show on Showtime. Girlfriend deserves to have a bitchin’ new gig after making all of us sit through When In Rome whilst on airplanes. She’s appealing to the smarty pants crowd, and I’m excited by the idea of her NOT making cruddy rom-coms (that, OKAY, I have seen several times on basic cable LEAVE ME ALONE) and instead being on (hopefully clever) TV shows with hot people like Don Cheadle.  Let’s raise a Diet Coke to her, and then actually look at her dress when not obstructed by a hottie in glasses and a vest:

I loved this when she wore it for her long program in the last Olympics.

In all seriousness, though:

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