Fug or Fab: Elizabeth Moss


Check it out: another makeover. I’m not sure if this is new, or just escaped my notice when she did it.

It’s like she got herself into bangin’ shape, so she went nuts and hacked off all her hair and put herself in a skintight nightie, as if to say, “TA-DAAAA.” I applaud her on the bod, lament her choice of shoes with that dress, don’t ENTIRELY hate the frock as much as I should considering it’s essentially a tailored slip, and can’t decide what to make of her head-suit. Let’s zoom in:

While I’m not sure that color suits her complexion, her eyes do look pretty, and the lipstick is nice. The whole look is definitely… sassy? It’s basically the Ashlee Simpson, which itself started life as the Kate Gosselin — which is now the Miley Cyrus, of course, but which USED to be the Posh. Does this basically mean Posh is the origin of all things? I like that theory. Darwin would approve, and also probably ask her to autograph his copy of Spice World.

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  1. Gauthier


    I…. Like. It? Yes. I think.

    It’ll grow on me, I need to see different iterations of this cut before I can be sure; messy, slick, poufy, sculpted… What I do know is that I think this is MUCH better than the wispy bangs at any rate. So, success!

  2. Jamie

    I feel like she pulled a Kelly Taylor.

    • Hallie

      I was thinking the same thing, only Elisabeth Moss ended up looking more like crazy stalker Tara from rehab.

  3. lulu

    The pixie cut goes back to the sixties. Miley did not invent it. Neither did Kate G. or Victoria Beckham. It has been around longer than all of them.

    • junior

      Except this isn’t a pixie cut.

    • TereLiz

      Yeah, I’d still call this a bob, since it’s long enough to tuck behind the ear. Cute shape for her head, but I wish she’d gone a little deeper in color if she wanted to go blonde, less frosty.

      The slip needs to be covered with some kind of gorgeous Tucker silk dress with a lot of color. I feel like between the pale hair and the black dress, she’s looking a little too washed out. LOVE the lips and minimal makeup, though.

      • emster

        Good call about the blonde shade. A deeper honey-caramel-something something would have been more interesting.

    • Elle Kaye

      Actually, the pixie was made popular by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950′s. A pixies has short layers and short bangs, where a cropped hairstyle has longer bangs and layers. This appears to be a crop to me.

  4. annie

    I thik I like the cut. I know I hate the color– it washes her out. Imagine it in a rich brown.

    I love her lipstick though.

    • Kate

      Completely agree. The cut is surprisingly stylish, but the bleach yellow is doing her fair skin no favors. Rich brown sounds lovely.

    • Clarence Beeks

      WHY do people who should NEVER be blonde insist on trying it? She looks awful.

      • Jennifer E.

        this is why i’ve never gone blonde. i’m a natural redhead, gone more and more auburn as i’ve gotten older, and i’m too lazy to keep up with dye, honestly. but every now and then i’m tempted and must tell myself no NO N-O! it would look terrible. and here is La Moss underscoring that judgment. :D

  5. bambi_beth

    Messy stick-out hairs?
    MORE bleach-blonde?
    Sadly, this is still the best she’s looked in a while.

  6. kim

    wow, she really got thin. I like the dress, and it looks great on her. I think the hair color really washes her out though and agree with Annie that a rich brown would have been better. A lot. Don’t like the shoes either.

    • lilywise

      My preference is for her to not be quite so thin. As long as she’s healthy, bravo, so I’m just stating a preference for her to have a little more heft. The haircut is cute, and I like her make-up. I think the haircolor would look better if it were darker.

      I do hope this means that Peggy Olson is going to shock the Mad Men world next season by adding “sex bomb” to her identity of “creative genius” and “smart, hardworking girl.” I’m tired of Peggy stuck in Frumpytown.

  7. Amber

    Like the cut, not the color. Your hair color shouldn’t match the color of your skin.
    Not sure on the dress-it’s ok? The shoes are a don’t, at least with this dress.
    So, it’s sorta 50/50 for me.

    • mshesterp

      I’m not sure if i’d like the cut in a different color, but i agree–not a fan of the blonde on her.

  8. Annie E

    I hate it! The color is terrible and it is all unflattering to her chin.

  9. Sandra

    All these young women should be sentenced to write 500 times “I will no wear underwear as outwear.” I don’t think the haircut is particularly flattering to her face.

  10. valueofaloonie

    She was not meant to be a blonde.

    Seriously, Hairdressers of the World/Hollywood: not everyone needs to be blonde.

  11. toxxic

    I feel awful for saying it but i think she has too much face to pull of that cut.

    • ceecee

      My thoughts exactly. I like the cut- my hair is cut in pretty much this exact style (mine is gray). All I can say is I hope it suits my face better than it suits hers. And she needs to go back and put her dress on over this slip.

  12. Miss Tee

    I’m of the opinion that everyone needs to go superblonde at least once in their life…even if only for a day. Good on ya, Elizabeth! I feel like calling you Lizzy, now! I feel like once she gets it out of her system, she’ll go back to brown and say to herself, “Well, that blonde was FUN for a while, but I’m better this way.” I know this from experience.

    The dress & shoes, tho? Meh.

  13. Anna Svahn

    Imagine better shoes and a copper penny red…lovely.

  14. fritanga

    OK, I see the hair being transformed into a Goldie Hawn/Elke Sommer/Joey Heatherton pouf or even a Mia Farrow/Jean Seberg pixie cut when she returns to MM – totally appropriate to the late 60s era, and a bold move that I hope the producers don’t make her cover with a wig.

    She certainly looks different, though. Don’t know how I feel about it yet, because unlike, say, Michelle Williams, her face isn’t “made” for a pixie cut. Oh, and I think the dress would look better if the armholes weren’t hiked up and cutting into her armpits.

  15. erin

    I rarely like short hair on gals but like this on her. The color should be a tad darker thought.

    Good thing Mad Men always has a time gap between seasons to explain the whole new Peggy look. Her new job at the different agency could explain a lot of this. She’s gotten out on her own and wanted even more changes.

  16. Jen

    I’d like it better in a different blonde, but I still think she looks great.

    Both the Miley post and this one referenced Kate Gosselin as an inspiration for the short cuts… Please no!! I love short hair, and I love it on these gals. But when you bring Kate Gosselin into it, I pull back, aghast that I could have thought it was cute. But no! Kate Gosselin is horrible, and she definitely didn’t invent the pixie cut.

    • witjunkie

      Yeah, I didn’t think either of these cuts resembled Kate Gosselin at all. I only saw a few pics of her but they were all that one side blowdried up Adam Lambert but with frost tips thing.

      • fritanga

        No one on God’s green earth would want to look like Kate Gosselin. Her horrific hairdo was a riff on ’60s hairdos – a hideous riff. Bleargh.

  17. Lizzy

    It’s so un-Pegglike – love it! Who wouldn’t want to sass it up after having to wear those too-short bangs and frumpy clothes on Mad Men?

  18. filmcricket

    She briefly went blonde between The West Wing and Mad Men, but her hair was a lot longer then and the colour wasn’t quite so pale. I think she looks better as a brunette, but I do like the cut. I’d love to see it as a shaggier, piece-ier kind of bob.

    However, she’s got a role on another show, so this may be for that part, not for a Peggy Transformation storyline (they already did that one). As for the outfit, agreed on the tragic shoes and she could have used some earrings, but I applaud the bod.

  19. Katharine

    I am usually the first to say that women should chop off their hair without regard, but I have to say that this particular do and picture really emphasises Elizabeth’s resemblance to Stephen Fry.

    Which I had not heretofore noticed.

    Not that I don’t think that Stephen Fry is unbearably hot, and that I wouldn’t bang him senseless, were he into my gender. But I wouldn’t call this her best look.

    • pantsonfire

      I see it! I see Stephen Fry! I NEVER would have made that connection on my own, but good on you for identifying it. There is some (maybe unidentifiable) essence about her face that recalls Stephen Fry. Wow. Maybe the mouth?

    • JeanneMorelle


      It’s the overall cast of the face. The nose is like his nose, if he were female and hadn’t broken it. She’s the daughter he never had.

      Or did he?

  20. maryse

    i think she looks adorable. too much face? bah!

  21. Claire L1

    Give her a sassy cardigan ( even a short sleeved one) and change those AWFUL shoes into something strappy….and this is, imo, a WIN.
    I like that the lace is an overlay…it’s there, but you don’t feel as if you’re getting a peek at the goods…..

  22. cc

    I think she should stop trying so hard to be sexy and embrace the fact that she’s inherently kind of dowdy. Which is fine!

  23. jean

    I love this! She has strong features, but it works with the soft color of the blonde. I generally hate light blond bleach jobs, but this one is gorgeous. Soft, shiny, not too harsh. Her eyes look pretty, her skin is lovely, and damn will someone please cast her in a film? A good film. Not one of those annoying independent movies she seems to do because no one will hire her.

    Does anyone else see a tiny bit of Gillian Anderson in her?

    • openroses

      Sadly, the film I saw her in was “Get Him to the Greek,” and she had to have a threesome with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. I’m not sure I would ever survive the humiliation, actress or no.

      Sorry if this is one of those no-no comments, but her film career did come up.

  24. vandalfan

    Face, schmace, the lady need to go put a dress on over her Grandma’s slip.

  25. witjunkie

    I think she looks fresh, and young and pretty fantastic, actually. The side part works for her, and I think the shorter hair flatters more than the shoulder length she’s had for so long. I like.

  26. val.

    The hair color looks cheap (which I’m sure it wasn’t!) I like the cut, though. And the dress.

  27. pantsonfire

    I have no strong thoughts on the haircut, largely because I don’t know that I’ve ever thought she had managed to find the right configuration of hair, color, makeup, clothes to work to her best advantage. I do strongly feel that blond is not her color, particularly this blond, which is I think too pale for her skin and washes it out. In sum, keep trying Liz! I admire her willingness to experiment.

  28. Nancy

    Her head looks too big for her body.

  29. Jo

    A honey blonde and longer cut would be better. You need a stunning face to pull off short hair.

  30. Francesca

    I thought this was Ashlee Simpson! The dress is waaaay too much like a slip. Can’t put my finger on it exactly – maybe the hair color needs to be a shade warmer, maybe bolder accessories so she doesn’t look like she’s still getting dressed… something needs to make it better.

  31. Jacq

    The cut is fine, but the colour is ghastly.

  32. the_din

    It’s not…bad per se. But she had such a unique look before. This is just so…predictable Hollywood. And she looks REALLY skinny.

  33. Nancy

    Did she have to hack off a couple of ribs to fit into this? It looks uncomfortable. And her hair is too blond.

  34. Helen

    Not wild about the slip, but love the blonde. It is just a tad too pale, but I’m sure she’ll adjust as she gets used to being blonde at all.

  35. Sajorina

    I think she looks FABULOUS… Divorce, it does a body good! I like her hair like that & her makeup is beautiful! I actually LOVE the dress and would love to own & wear it myself! Plus, I like the shoes as well! FAB!

  36. TVGurl

    I’d say I like this cut on her. The color is not so bad. As for Posh, I think it goes back further to Gwyneth in Sliding Doors.

  37. Rubee

    This blonde is literaly eating off her amazing eyes. I would have preferred a nice auburn or reddish brown; even a more honeyed blond with highlights. But this is not doing her any favour. The dress is way too slipper looking, specially when paired with those pumps. She looks like one of this 20s’ vixen waiting for her maid (currently trying to find her way in a house-sized walk-in closet) to bring in the most fabulous tiara and gold fringed dress before going out for a fox-trot night.

  38. aydan

    It’s a bad dye job. The ends of her hair look darker than the roots and it’s the kind of blond that looks good on 12 people on earth anyway. She should pick a different hue. I love the haircut and the makeup. Her eyes pop out, which is a good thing for her. I miss Peggy, too.

  39. Ms. A.

    So bland.
    She should reconsider the blonde.

  40. Celeste

    I love it! I think it makes her look younger and fun. I’ll bet if this is the way we’d seen her originally, we’d have no problem with this look. Good for her.

  41. Shiitake

    Hair color is terrible. It’s a cute hairstyle…on someone else; she ends up looking like she has no neck at all.

  42. Evalyn

    She’s very cute and her hair and makeup are good, but the dress looks like lace-trimmed spanx.

  43. Erin

    Hate the color and the dress. Dislike the cut, but I wouldn’t mind it in a light brown and slightly longer – more of a real bob. I don’t think Peggy is blessed with great hair so I never really loved it long either…I”m willing to try to like it if she dies it brown again.

    Also, I’ worried that this means they aren’t going to start filming Mad Men for way too long.

  44. yeahandalso

    I think she looks great, but the dress looks like a slip.

  45. Katie

    Her shape is not right for this dress. Broad shoulders need to be balanced with something down below, this dress does NOTHING for her.

  46. Libby

    She spells it with an S, not a Z!

    Cut = good.
    Colour = bad.

  47. killigian

    But where is the option for I am mad at the writer Goethe??

  48. millicentunderscore

    That is nothing like a slip, fellow commenter pals. You can tell by the tailoring; it is the architecture: structured to be worn out and not as a morning gown or negligee or even a tea dress.

  49. una

    I dont want to be mean, I think she is a fab actor but she doesn’t have the cutest face on the planet and the short bleached hair draws to much attention to it. Miley Cyrus rocks it much better.

  50. LizC

    I like it. Normally I don’t really like that hair color on anybody and she is quite a pale person but the cut of the hair, weirdly, sells it for me. It’s a cut I wish I could pull off but know I never could.