Well, this episode was A HOOT!!!!

In all seriousness, this episode gave me a lot of emotions: sadness, delight, irritation, impatience. And thus this week’s methodology shall be FEELINGS.

Next week is, as you know, the series finale, and I think I reached a point where…whatever happens, I am at peace with it. I am emotionally prepared for it to be terrible. I don’t EXPECT it to be terrible, but I am — for some reason — going into the finale with the belief that there is no way it will be satisfying. Not because I don’t think this show can deliver, but simply because I think it is impossible for one episode of TV to perfectly cap off the experience of watching Mad Men, because for me that experience has been both sublime and irritating (irritating because of the sublime, if that makes sense. When you’ve experienced how great this show can be, when it spends X amount of time going nowhere [the traditional first three episodes of every season], you get antsy for the good stuff to start). It’s simply too much to ask; how many shows have really pulled off the perfect series finale? Breaking Bad, and that’s about it, right?  AMC, your bar has been set very high.

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