There’s nothing like deciding to cover a show in the last half of its final season, but come on: We all want to talk about this — THE MUSTACHES ALONE — and why not do it here? I’m not going to write a traditional recap (they’re everywhere, and much better than mine would be, because with this show I am sure I am forgetting like 75% of what happened last season. Don’s still a hot mess, right? Right), and of course you can get the creme de la creme of Mad Men costume analysis from Tom and Lorenzo.  Instead, this feature is going to be a bit of a moving target. This week I present to you the Mad Men Accessories Index. Spoiler: I have long loved Ken Cosgrove and his eyepatch. Double spoiler: Why didn’t anyone tell us DAN SCOTT was working at McCann? Matthew Weiner really loves the CW. Triple spoiler: Please join me in hoping that Peggy doesn’t need to eventually stab Brian Krakow with a bayonet.

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