First of all, apologies for the minor delay in getting this to you; I know every other publication in the world had their Mad Men pieces up on Sunday night, or yesterday. But Sunday was my birthday and I took a few days off, and I very much appreciate everyone’s patience and hope you all still want to talk about Sunday’s series finale. As we discussed last week, I personally came into this with no expectations. But I loved it; I thought it was beautifully acted, and, for me, wholly engaging and totally satisfying. Never have I cried in two consecutive Mad Mens. And so our final methodology is that I am going to discuss each character in the order that I feel like talking about them. Well, almost. I of course want to talk about Peggy the very most, but it seemed wrong not to end on Draper, god bless him, and the Peggy and Don plot was — as it was meant to be — extremely intertwined there at the end. Will this be the year Jon Hamm finally gets his Emmy? I’ve never seen anyone do such good work against nothing more than the handle of a landline phone.

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