Lost in the Met Gala coverage of last week was this Very Special Episode of Kim Kardashian Wears Very Tight Shirts With Weirdly Proportioned Skirts.

Then again, if you’re not only paying for her book of selfies but voluntarily waiting in line to have it signed, this has to be exactly what you’re hoping she’ll wear. It is Uberdashian.

So is this:

It’s actually an interesting side-by-side — the white outfit was worn two days before the black one, and they give her a different shape. This one is the more unflattering of the two, and of course, it also includes the nude shoes with the black dress (she loves that trick and I cannot believe I’m at a point in my life where I know that) and a giant slit and only one sleeve… I really think if she’d had one more event in this series, it would’ve involved something sheer and lacy. That’s basically the Kim trifecta: skintight shirt and pencil-ish skirt, weird robe, and then Too Much Information. I kind of can’t believe we dodged that bullet, but then again, she’d just been bare-ish at the Met Gala, so I guess that gun is always loaded.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]