I don’t feel weird spotlighting these Twitpics because: a) they were also made available by a professional photo service, and b) Miley Cyrus has eight million Twitter followers, so clearly, she’s not going to feel like we’ve hijacked a precious private moment. You don’t Tweet something you don’t want the world to see, unless you are incredibly misinformed as to what Twitter is. And she’s no social media dunce, so obviously she felt good about that shirt. Which… says a lot. Really, this is a backdoor into the topic of her new hairdo, but bless her for sharing it with the world along with some really terrible outfits. Keep bein’ Miley, yo.

The hair?

  • I LOVE it. (31%, 2,385 Votes)
  • It's growing on me! (31%, 2,431 Votes)
  • Somebody please buy her a wig (38%, 2,976 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,795

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[Photos: Bauer-Griffin]