“Unfug” is not exactly the right word here, because I actually don’t think this is fugly. But “Lessfug” isn’t as catchy. So I went with how to make this even better.

I  love the idea of the red leather and the way it’s cut, but for a summer party in honor of Hamptons magazine, doesn’t this seem a little… constricting? And maybe sweaty? It’s the neckline that’s nibbling at me more than the sleeves — somehow it’s making her seem boxy, and so very covered up when it’s so very August. Ergo, while I quite like this and might even have loved it in another circumstance, I am wondering if she’d look even cuter if the neckline were gentler, or it were short-sleeved/sleeveless. Sure, it’s Valentino, but can’t she call them up and make outrageous demands? Isn’t that the fun of being a celebrity?

I would...

  • change the sleeves (25%, 1,671 Votes)
  • change the neckline (46%, 3,117 Votes)
  • change clothes (25%, 1,667 Votes)
  • change NOTHING (5%, 334 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,789

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[Photo: WENN]