I want to like this.

But I am SO CONFUSED as to what’s happening at her neckline. It’s… flat on one part, and… kind of bulbous, maybe, on the right? I seriously have no idea. The pattern is playing tricks on my eyes, but it’s depriving me of whatever potential enjoyments are to be found here, if any. However, she did do one thing right here:

She added a jacket. I love that jacket. It does not belong with this outfit, but it rules. I wish we could keep that and scrap the rest and start fresh. Because… Sigh. I am truly, sincerely happy that Mary Louise Parker looks fabulous at 48. Especially because I had to look up her age, and when I found it, I thought, “Holy cats, I need to drink more water.” But she MIGHT be at the point where it’s okay to take things down a few inches and leave the skirts that tiny to the girls twenty-five years her junior. In this outfit, she is in mild danger of crossing into the territory usually occupied by retired Vegas strippers who’ve just opened an off-strip boutique called Hot Machines, or Rue Lette’s, or something, that sells no breathable fabrics and always has a clearance sale. She should aim higher.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]