Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger


Let’s catch up on what Diane Kruger has been up to, while we fretted away about Fug Madness and she reveled in not being a participant this year.

Hmm. It’s… hmm. There’s a lot of… hmm. The good news is, one of the few people who can make “hmm” somehow be a compliment is Diane Kruger; the bad news is, this looks like she bought one of Michael Jackson’s old costumes at auction and turned it into a poncho.

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Let’s examine the other good news/bad news situation here:

The good:

I might really like this.

The bad: WHITHER PACEY. Okay, in fairness, this was at a photocall for a movie, so it’s not logical for him to have been standing next to her. But where has he BEEN lately? I know he’s filming Fringe, but that never stopped him before, and then there was that cheating rumor (which, whaaaat, have you looked at Diane Kruger? Poncho or not, that is some beauty right there), and on the one hand most celebs respond to those sorts of reports with an avalanche of togetherness even if it’s fabricated, so maybe it was a lie and they’re just not dignifying it, but ALSO she doesn’t strike me as someone who would play the game, so maybe it’s TRUE and she’s just quietly giving him the stiff-arm. I don’t know. And it has nothing to do with her clothes, except that Pacey always was an excellent pairing with any outfit — like a versatile wine, but with a wang — and … well, sniffle. I don’t have a cat; I hope all that curiosity didn’t just lay waste to someone else’s.

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Comments (46):

  1. PeggyO

    I hate to say it, but she may have to get a fug-madness seed this year. She’s had some big misses recently, and she still has more hits than misses. But because she swings big, when she wiffs, she lands flat on her butt.

  2. Janice

    WANT the shoes from the 2nd outfit. Can anyone ID them?

  3. PinkieBling

    “like a versatile wine, but with a wang” = best line I’ve read all week. Also, I would very much like to visit that vineyard.

  4. Kayt

    I want those shoes in the second picture, anyone know who they’re by?

    And idgaf, I love the cape dress. It was with leather pants on the runway and I think it looks better like this.

    She always takes risks, but she owns every outfit to the max, so I think she sells it completely.

  5. Trace

    I’m pretty sure the Cape Dress won Fashion Police’s Best Look of the Week if their opinion counts for anything. It does have a Jackson quality about it, but since when has that been a bad thing?

    • Kayt

      nah I think Joan overrode everyone and made it the worst dressed of the week, the other three loved it though

      • Julie

        Kayt, you’re correct. The other 3 loved it and Joan hated it. Totally agree with Joan. The cape definitely has a PANTS WHAT!! feel about it.

      • Heather

        I think having a Jackson quality is a great thing, if you are a Jackson.

      • Sajorina

        Pacey is a Jackson!

  6. Alison

    Dear God. Why would anyone think the poncho look was a good one? Seriously. It’s awful. She looks like she’s forgotten her skirt/trousers (pants to you US girls!). And the shoes – she’s about to displace an arch in her right foot… Nice clutch though (the bag, not the wrist grab).

  7. Kara K

    Oh no! Not Pacey and Diane! :(

    She looks way fab, though!

    • Chasmosaur

      I looked it up the last time she appeared on here – they haven’t been on the red carpet together since July…

  8. Lynne

    That second look is gorgeous and I would like it for my very own if I thought I would look remotely as killer in it as she does.

    The absence of Pacey bothers me.

  9. Sandra

    That first one looks like something you’d wear for The Walk of Shame if you spent the night with a magician.

    • deee

      I’ve had two good laughs in the past 24 hours. I cracked up last night when Liz Lemon accidentally purchased the “summer horse grave” candle. Now the magician walk of shame is making me giggle uncontrollably.

    • Jessica

      HAH. You are awesome.

  10. gin_in_teacups

    That first…thing, is horrendous. The second one is pretty good but I feel like I want to tweak it somehow. The pattern and long sleeves and the collar are in Tim Gunn’s words a lotta look. Maybe sleeveless?

    Also, if that Pacey rumor is true I don’t even know what I will do with myself. Pacey is supposed to be the perfect boyfriend. If he can succumb to cheating, I give up.

  11. MK

    Chiming in on Look #1 to add: her feet look like tortured prisoners in those shoes.

  12. ceecee

    That first thing looks like she got soaking wet in the rain and the doorman of some swanky hotel lent her his uniform jacket. I like the fit of the second dress but not the print or the random red collar.

  13. Stacey

    Must. Have. Those. Shoes.

  14. eee

    Just chiming in to say that I miss Pacey as well. I never really “got” the whole Joshua Jackson thing until I recently started watching Fringe, and now I totally get it. Peter Bishop is awesome. And I was pleasantly surprised to find Diane doing a cameo in season 1. I hope they haven’t broken up — they’re my favorite red carpet couple (other than RDJ and Susan).

    Also, I hate the poncho dress. The second is great, though.

  15. Hima

    I have that terrible feeling they broke up. Whenever a couple stops showing up places together, especially when they’re usually on the red carpet together, it means they split up. That makes me sad for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I love Pacey and I think he is the perfect versatile wang. That feels weird to say. :)

  16. vandalfan

    I figured the doorman of an elegant hotel covered her up with his cape when she came downstairs at 8:36 am in a Walk of Shame.

  17. Liane

    On Fashion Police they showed a closeup of the shoe with the Jackson poncho dress and there was a gentleman’s oxford clad foot beside hers. I was literally yelling at the television. “PAN UP PAN UP PAN UP !!!! IS THAT PACEY’S FOOT ???” I so hope it was.

  18. Jerry

    I believe they broke up too. They haven’t been seen together for a long time now.

    I hate the stuff that Diane has been wearing lately. The cape is really awful on it’s own. I prefer how it was shown on the runway. The other dress does nothing for her either.

  19. Cranky Old Batt

    On anyone else that second dress would be a frumpy library matron. She makes it looks a lot better than it is.

  20. Mahastee

    That second dress looks suspiciously like a cafeteria apron.

    The shoes make me salivate.

  21. Amy Pond

    If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like a Peruvian folk band!

  22. M

    I noticed Diane’s recent Paceylessness and it worries me too. I really like her and was happy she was happy with her man who obviously loved her

  23. Sajorina

    I feel like if one were to wear a Poncho, THAT would be the Poncho to wear! It’s so regal… And, I love the 2nd dress & the shoes!!! COVET! She looks so beautiful in everything! Still, I miss PACEY too!

  24. Shiitake

    It’s Diane Kruger…She’s on the loose again. Wadda’ya gonna do?

  25. Carol

    The top cape thing looks like something one would wear to receive the Order of the Garter … however, even if one is receiving the Order of the Garter, i am pretty sure you do not have to actually wear it on your leg … therefore, a skirt or pants are okay with the cape, Diane.

  26. gryt

    The first look is stunningly idiotic.

  27. Dee

    That red collared frock almost make ps the poncho look beautiful in comparison. Actually, no. The poncho is still hideous. Only her gorgeous legs save it.

    In Pacey news, did you fug girls know he has his own Twitter account now? Vancityjax. It’s mostly to promote Fringe, but it’s refreshing to know that he’s just as charming on Twitter as he is in real life.

  28. Deli

    What the fuck? both of these looks are disgusting. Seriously why was there even a vote, ew.

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    Coats like that, even if they’re ponchos usually go over something.

  30. Veronica

    I think the repeated pattern feels overwhelming with a cap AND dress. It has elements that are nice, but it’s just too much together…and I’d prefer a flat hem on the skirt, not the weird flap she’s got going on there. So that one’s a no go as a whole.

    I really like the second dress, though I do think on the wrong person it could be aging. I echo all the shoe love.

  31. Melissa

    First one: short-sheeted Mikado.

  32. Bo

    Can’t lie, I love her style.

  33. NYCGirl

    1) I have less of an issue with the poncho than with the fact that the “dress” looks like a nightshirt.
    2) I like the print on both the dress and the collar, but I don’t like the “Oxford shirt buttoned to the neck” look.

  34. lisa

    guys! All is right in the world. pacey and diane were photographed together at coachella. Everyone take a deep breath