Let’s catch up on what Diane Kruger has been up to, while we fretted away about Fug Madness and she reveled in not being a participant this year.

Hmm. It’s… hmm. There’s a lot of… hmm. The good news is, one of the few people who can make “hmm” somehow be a compliment is Diane Kruger; the bad news is, this looks like she bought one of Michael Jackson’s old costumes at auction and turned it into a poncho.


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  • Poncho (75%, 6,453 Votes)
  • Perfect poncho (20%, 1,699 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,558

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Let’s examine the other good news/bad news situation here:

The good:

I might really like this.

The bad: WHITHER PACEY. Okay, in fairness, this was at a photocall for a movie, so it’s not logical for him to have been standing next to her. But where has he BEEN lately? I know he’s filming Fringe, but that never stopped him before, and then there was that cheating rumor (which, whaaaat, have you looked at Diane Kruger? Poncho or not, that is some beauty right there), and on the one hand most celebs respond to those sorts of reports with an avalanche of togetherness even if it’s fabricated, so maybe it was a lie and they’re just not dignifying it, but ALSO she doesn’t strike me as someone who would play the game, so maybe it’s TRUE and she’s just quietly giving him the stiff-arm. I don’t know. And it has nothing to do with her clothes, except that Pacey always was an excellent pairing with any outfit — like a versatile wine, but with a wang — and … well, sniffle. I don’t have a cat; I hope all that curiosity didn’t just lay waste to someone else’s.

Thoughts, part II:

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  • PAAAAAACEEEEEEYYYYY!!! (32%, 1,422 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,401

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