Just go with me on something here, for a sec:

Suddenly, Jessie J vaguely looks like Rachel Bilson to me — I think it’s the bangs, and the hair color — and I am obsessed with the idea of the two of them playing sisters on Hart of Dixie despite that fact that, as far as I know, Jessie J can’t act (not that it ever stopped Jaime King OH NO I DIDNT. I wish that show would come back. I am burbling over with repressed Lemon puns) and she has the wrong accent and Rachel Bilson’s character doesn’t have a sister. Maybe she can be Rachel’s Wacky British Cousin who comes to town and causes all kinds of shenanigans and wears all sorts of weird two-piece catsuits and drinks all varieties of Vitamin Water! Oh my god, someone call Josh Schwartz RIGHT NOW.

[Photo: Splash]

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